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DJ Performance 101


The DJ Performance 101 Introduction Programme! Whether you dream of becoming a sought-after club DJ, a versatile mobile DJ, or simply want to impress your friends at social gatherings, this course is your passport to unlocking your true DJ potential. With hands-on training and expert guidance, this course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the art of DJing. 

Students will learn the art of beatmatching, track selection, seamless mixing, and creative transitions. You will explore various DJ equipment setups and gain the technical expertise to connect, configure, and troubleshoot your gear like a professional. You will also learn how to read and adapt to different crowds, develop your unique DJ persona, and create an electrifying atmosphere through effective stage presence and crowd interaction. You can explore live remixing, mashup techniques, and the use of effects to add your signature touch to your DJ sets. In addition to the practical skills, you will learn how to build your brand, network within the industry, find gigs, negotiate contracts, and navigate legal considerations. Throughout the course, you will receive valuable feedback and guidance from experienced mentors. 


Features and Benefits 

  • Develop your unique DJ persona, build your brand, and network within the industry. 
  • Exposure to real-world, hands-on situations using a wide range of industry-standard equipment and facilities. 
  • Learn how to find and book gigs, negotiate contracts, and navigate legal considerations
  • Get a free Office 365 Education A1 license, valid for the duration of your studies. 

Admission Requirements

Students must have completed the Fundamentals of DJing 101 short course.


This course requires adequate DJ Equipment.

  • Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Generation or Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2.
  • Headphones: Audio-Technica Black ATH-M30x or Audio-Technica ATH-M20X.
  • Keyboard: M-Audio Oxygen 49-Key or Samson Carbon 49 USB.
  • Pricing & Payment Options

  • Duration


    • Part Time, Flexi Online Learning, 8 Weeks (+/-2 months)
    • Classes conducted on Saturdays (4 hours)
    • Session 1 (9:00 - 11:00), Session 2 (11:30-13:30)

    * Class structures are subject to change without notification. 

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  • Career Options

    • DJ / Performer
    • Electronic Music Producer
    • Mixer
    • Studio Sound Engineer
    • Studio Assistant
    • Production Editor


Important Notes

This short course is a skills program and therefore not accredited by any institution.

  • Introduction to DJing

    • Overview of DJing as an art form and career path

    • Introduction to DJ equipment and software 

    • Understanding the role of a DJ and different DJ styles 

    • Basic music theory and terminology for DJs

    • Beatmatching fundamentals

  • DJ Equipment and Setup

    • Overview of various DJ setups (vinyl, CDJs, controllers)

    • Understanding mixer functions and controls

    • Connecting and configuring DJ equipment

    • Troubleshooting common technical issues

    • DJ performance workflow and organization

  • Music Selection and Preparation

    • Understanding music genres and their characteristics

    • Building a music collection and organizing tracks

    • Analyzing and tagging music files

    • Beatgridding and tempo analysis

    • Creating playlists and set preparation

  • Mixing Techniques

    • Advanced beatmatching techniques

    • Understanding phrasing and song structure

    • Harmonic mixing and key matching

    • EQing and blending tracks

    • Using effects and creative transitions

  • Performance and Crowd Interaction

    • Reading the crowd and adapting to different venues

    • Developing your DJ persona and stage presence

    • Creating energy and flow in your DJ sets

    • Introducing live remixing and mashup techniques

    • Working with mic skills and crowd engagement

  • Recording and Editing Mixes

    • Techniques for recording live DJ sets

    • Introduction to DJ software for mix editing

    • Cleaning up mix recordings and removing mistakes

    • Adding intros, outros, and special effects to mixes

    • Preparing mixes for online sharing or promotional purposes

  • DJing in Different Environments

    • Club DJing: understanding club dynamics and protocols

    • Mobile DJing: weddings, parties, and special events

    • Radio DJing: introduction to radio broadcasting and programming

    • Live streaming: techniques for DJing in virtual environments

    • Collaborative DJing and back-to-back sets

  • Business and Marketing for DJs

    • Building your brand as a DJ

    • Networking and creating industry connections

    • Promoting yourself and finding gigs

    • Negotiating contracts and fees

  • Performance Practice and Feedback

    • Practicing DJ sets and refining technical skills

    • Peer-to-peer feedback and constructive criticism

    • Working with mentors and industry professionals

    • Rehearsing for live performances and events

    • Final performance showcase and evaluation

    No dates have been specified for this course.
    Please contact The CAD Corporation for more information and dates on this course.
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