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A Fresh Approach to Higher Education


Our teaching methodology which is enaging, enjoyable and aligned with the current industry trends and technologies. We understand that art and music are creative fiels of study, therefore students need to engage practically with their subjects. We follow a hands-on approach and provide students with as much practical experience as possible.

Quality Education

Our courses and classes are presented by experts who are active in the music and media industries. We value the importance of instruction being given by experienced industry specialists, this ensures our students are exposed to different perspectives and approaches.

Our software courses are taught by internationally certified instructors.

Employment as End-Goal

EMENDY’s operational approach focuses on the students end goal which is gainful employment. This is evident in our contemporary facilities, the quality of our course material, our expert facilitators and music industry relationships.

Our courses and subjects are carefully and systematically reviewed with this main objective in mind.

Real-World Experience

We know the importance of being able to complete a job, to make the right decisions in specific scenarios and to act promptly and professionally.

In order for our students to learn these skills, we expose them to real-world, hands-on situations which require the use of a wide range of industry standard equipment and facilities.

Industry Affiliations

Throughout our 20+ years we have earned the trust of various studios, companies and media industry specialists. Therefore our students are afforded the opportunity to train with the industry’s most respected names and make use of their high quality equipment.

Student Success

We provide marketing and promotional opportunities for our students and graduates. These include social networking events, personal brand building and Social Media exposure.

Via our alumni platform, we provide continuous student feedback, invitations to industry workshops & events and ongoing opportunities for their creative work to get exposure.

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