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Behind the Music

Held on 3 November at the Pretoria State Theatre, Behind the Music, hosted by EMENDY second year students was a roaring success. Behind the music, showcased the students talents whether it was by performing as Francis Jay, Stige Lebaka, Bongani C, Tarif, Johnno B, Martin, Cranx and Stasi’s  lit up the stage or by lighting, sound and design of the video footage.

Apart from the front of house that was set up for the performances, we also had our radio station set up for interviews with the artists and production team of the event. The event was streamed live on our own radio station, EMENDY RADIO.

The stage was filled with instruments including electric guitars, keyboards, Yamaha Stage Custom Drum kit, vocal microphones and a bass guitar for the performers to use as they performed their music. The equipment was all connected to the snake using XLR cables, which enabled us to get signal to the front of house mixing console.

From the mixing console, the signal ran through amplifiers to reach our PA system, this reinforced the volume of the music that was played and performed on stage.

We had full band performances that required electric guitar amps, bass amps, keyboards, acoustic drums and a maximum of four vocal microphones. The microphones used for capturing the acoustic drum kit included brands like the Lewitt Drum Mic Set, which catered for the Toms, the Kick, snare and hihat. For overheads we used the SE 4 Electronics Pencil Microphones. For some electric guitars we decided to use guitar amps, which we used the Shure SM 57 to capture the signal coming from the guitar amplifiers, and some electric guitars, bass guitar and for the keyboards we used DI boxes to run low impedance balanced signal to the snake.

The student’s technical knowledge was really tested and they performed extremely well. This is the knowledge gained from studying here at EMENDY.

The year end, non academic awards were handed out after the break. Some were very unconventional including the “Eeyore” and “Media Slave” awards but also the two top students showing the most promise were “Music Prodigy” going to Tshepo Moeletsi and “Gamer Prodigy” going to Ronette Dempsey were also handed out.

The evening concluded by The Shakes giving the audience the shakes with some golden oldies and sing alongs from the decades best artists including Queen, Bryan Adams and Elvis.

By getting the students to put the entire event together they got to experience all the different aspects of Music production and Sound Engineering in a live setting, invaluable experience which they can then use in the future. This event is set to become a firm favourite amongst the staff and students at EMENDY and we look forward to next years production.

What are we in for in 2018? We will have to wait a long twelve months to find out.

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