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Welcome to the exciting world of FL Studio! If you have a passion for music production and want to pursue a career using FL Studio, this course is designed to enhance your understanding and experience with this powerful software. The Music Software FL Studio course has been meticulously developed to empower musicians and audio engineers to maximise their proficiency with FL Studio. 

This course has been developed to enable musicians and audio engineers to maximise their understanding and experience of FL Studio. Every aspect of FL Studio relating to music production will be thoroughly examined with detailed explanations, examples, and practical advice and tips. Guidance with exercises is provided, making the student comfortable and confident within the FL Studio environment. An accompanying study guide is developed to exactly match the schedule of the course, where every aspect is dealt with in a systematic and orderly fashion. Practical experience is a cornerstone of any learning process, and this module has 28 practical exercises that guide the student from simple to advanced tasks. 


Features and Benefits 

  • Exposure to real-world, hands-on situations using a wide range of industry-standard equipment and facilities.
  • Learn to create and produce music with the latest FL Studio software.


  • Get a free Office 365 Education A1 license, valid for the duration of your studies. 

Admission Requirements

Adequate hardware and software are required:

  • MIDI keyboard 
  • FL Studio 
  • Audio-Technica Black ATH-M30x or Audio-Technica ATH-M20X headphones 
  • Pricing & Payment Options

  • Duration


    • Part Time, Flexi Online Learning, 12 Weeks (4 months)
    • Classes conducted on Saturdays (4 hours)
    • Session 1 (9:00 - 11:00), Session 2 (11:30-13:30)

    * Class structures are subject to change without notification. 

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  • Career Options

    • Music Producer
    • Music Composer
    • Mixer Studio
    • Sound Engineer
    • Studio Assistant
    • Production Editor

Important Notes

This short course is a skills program and therefore not accredited by any institution.


Cost of FL Studio not included in programme fees. Link to FL studio website.

  • Introduction to FL Studio

    • Understand the Chain in Music Production

    • Understand the different Types of Personnel in Music Production

    • Choose Appropriate settings for a Project

    • Understand each of the Functions within the Project Window

    • Understand the Subdivision of Note Length

    • Program Various Simple Drumbeats

  • Drum Sequencing Basics

    • Learn how to setup the Metronome

    • Shape a drum performance using MIDI CC

    • Program Drum Primary Rudiments

    • Be able to Shape a Sample using the Sampler's Controls

    • Be able to Program Different Types of Drum Fills

  • Bass Sequencing

    • Understand the Fundamentals of the Piano Roll

    • Be able to Program Different Bass Lines

    • Create Customised Sounds with Flex

    • Make use of the Riff Machine to Create New Musical Material

    • Be able to Create Layered Bass Lines

  • Production Techniques

    • Be able to Program in Compound Time Signatures

    • Be able to Program Different Rhythmical Patterns from Various World

    • Regions Be able to Craft Electronic Percussion Sounds from Scratch

    • Know the Difference between Determine and Indeterminate Pitched Percussion

    • Be able to use Slice X to transform looped material

  • Basics of Keys

    • Be Familiar with the Basics of Synthesis

    • Understand the Basic Parameters of a Monophonic Synthesiser

    • Be able to Create Musical Patterns with an Arpeggiator

    • Be familiar with the functions of Patcher

  • Working with Keys

    • Be Familiar with Triadic Harmony

    • Be able to Create New Chord

    • Progressions Understand the Basic Parameters in Flex Program

    • Various Keyboard Patterns

  • Mixing Techniques in FL Studio

    • Be Familiar with Digital Audio Fundamentals

    • Be able to Record Vocals

    • Be Familiar with Studio Setup

    • Be able to Pitch Correct a Vocal Be Familiar with different Editing Techniques

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