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Game Audio Design 101


This module teaches students the basics of audio design for game environments. Starting with Reaper©, students will learn how to record and manipulate sounds or transform existing sounds. Students will learn to incorporate music from game music libraries into their games using the Wwise© audio middleware.


Features and Benefits 

  • Learn industry benchmarked software Reaper & Wise with software costs included in your tuition fees.


  • Get a free Office 365 Education A1 license, valid for the duration of your studies. 

Admission Requirements

Adequate hardware and software are required:

  • Software: Cubase
  • Headphones: Audio-Technica Black ATH-M30x or Audio-Technica ATH-M20X.
  • Pricing & Payment Options

  • Duration


    • Part Time, Flexi Online Learning, 8 Weeks (+/-2 months)
    • Classes conducted on Saturdays (4 hours)
    • Session 1 (9:00 - 11:00), Session 2 (11:30-13:30)

    * Class structures are subject to change without notification. 

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  • Career Options

    • Game Audio Composer
    • Game Audio Producer
    • Game Audio Engineer
    • Studio Sound Engineer
    • Music Producer
    • Studio Assistant
    • Production Editor

Important Notes

This short course is a skills program and therefore not accredited by any institution.

  • Game Audio

    ● Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key terminology used in Game Audio and how it is used to describe sounds.

    ● Demonstrate the ability to identify different audio assets and their application within the game audio field.

    ● Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the foundational principles and theories of game audio.

    ● Use foundational principles and methods to create various game audio assets.

    ● Utilize audio middleware techniques to implement created assets.

    No dates have been specified for this course.
    Please contact The CAD Corporation for more information and dates on this course.
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