1.1. This Registration Application serves as a binding contract between all parties (EMENDY PTY (Ltd) / Student / Payee(s)) as indicated in this application. The applicant (student) will be held liable for the course cost and all other financial obligations related to the intended course registered regardless of non-registration payment, unless this application is cancelled in writing before commencing of the course.

1.2. EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute reserves the right of admission based on a first-come-first-served principle and will not reserve any seat in a course intake without a complete registration;

1.3. An applicant may be denied registration if he/she does not meet the criteria of the course entry requirements;

1.4. An applicant may be denied registration if the details provided by the person responsible for the payment of the course indicate the inability to fulfil the financial requirements of the course / not showing evidence of sufficient income / inability to sustain a timeous payment towards the student's course payments.

1.5. Foreign students need to provide a valid study permit received from their Embassy of origin at registration.

1.6. A course registration will be deemed complete once all required documents and payments have been received according to the course registration requirements.


2.1. A non-refundable course registration fee is payable at registration as specified per course intake.

2.2. A re-registration fee is payable per year for courses longer than one year as specified for each year.

2.3. A R500 penalty fee will be levied on any late registrations.

2.4. EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute does not provide funding to students in the form of bursaries or loans.

2.5. The payee will be held liable for all course costs and all other financial obligations related to the intended course registered.

2.6. All Monthly payment option installments are done by Debit Order and will be loaded by EMENDY College according to the debit order instruction form.

2.7. Administrative charges will be levied on any failed debit order by any reason whatsoever that needs to be re-loaded.

2.8. Payees need to provide a proof of income (bank statement of the last three months or salary slip) on monthly payment options.

2.9. A discounted once-off course payment is offered to students that settle the full course cost according to the advertised discount structure for the specific intake.

2.10. Should a student or payee apply for a study loan at a financial institution or bank before the starting date of a course, they need to notify and provide EMENDY with the details of the loan application. Any student loans not approved before or during the course might result in the student being put on a waiting list for the next course intake.

2.11. EMENDY reserves the right to withhold any student privileges, course marks or being denied access to facility bookings in the case of outstanding or unpaid course fees.

2.12. Interest of 10% will be levied on all monthly outstanding course fees.


3.1. Course cancellations need to be done in writing and addressed to the EMENDY’s Course Registrar. Failure to give formal notice of a course cancellation will result in the student still being registered for the remainder of the course and the payee will be kept liable for all financial obligations owed to EMENDY during for the remainder of the course.

3.2. Course cancellation will take effect one-month from the date on which the formal cancelation letter has been received and acknowledged in writing by the College Registrar and not the date featured on the cancellation letter.

3.3. Payees specified within the contract will be held liable for cost of all classes attended and any other costs or fees that might have occurred as a result of his/her studies within that time period.  

3.4. A cancellation fee will be calculated and charged on the remainder of the course cost (non-discounted price) that the student did not attend, based on the cancellation date as mentioned in clause 3.2.

3.5. Course cancellation fees are calculated as follows:
   3.5.1.    On the day of course starting date: 10% of total standard course total (or per course year) – 7 (one to seven) days after the course starting date: 15% of the remainder of the standard course cost (or per year) (fourteen) days and more after the course starting date: 60% of remainder of the standard course cost (or per year)

3.6. Refunds on once-off payments are calculated on the discounted amount already paid with the percentage cancellation fee as stipulated in clause 3.4

3.7. For any refunds – the beneficiary’s account details needs to be provided on a stamped letter from the bank.


4.1. Students will only be allowed on campus and in class with their student cards around their neck. If a student card is lost, a new student card will be issued at an additional cost stipulated at the beginning of the course.

4.2. Only enrolled students are allowed to use the Institution’s facilities.  

4.3. Students are not allowed to lend out personal student cards to non-students.

4.4. The use of all campus facilities is at your own risk, and EMENDY PTY (Ltd) will not be responsible for the direct or indirect injury of students and their visitors, or the damage or loss of student property while on Campus.

4.5. Students will take full responsibility for the loss and/or damage of any computer component, musical instrument or other equipment and resource; and will be held liable for the payment of the total amount for the replacement of such goods. This applies if the student is found guilty of losing/damaging the item on purpose or by the direct or indirect negligence on the student’s part.

4.6. Students failing to return any item used from the Resource Centre (library) will either replace the item with the exact item, or pay for EMENDY PTY (Ltd) to replace the item. All replacement costs will be for the students’ account.

4.7. EMENDY students have to keep to all rules and regulations as stipulated by the Institution, including class behavior, class attendance, assessments and examination regulations as set by EMENDY. All registered students will have to agree to, and sign a document accepting these rules before the commencement of studies.

4.8. No plagiarism is allowed – this applies to all written work, research assignments and all practical music production projects.

4.9. Students are not allowed to submit any work for assessment purposes which is not 100% their own, unless a group-work task has been specified.

4.10. EMENDY PTY (Ltd) reserves the right of admission to the Institution’s premises.   


5.1. Studio bookings are submitted online via SIMS, up to 6 hours before a session.

5.2. Studio booking times: Monday- Thursday 09:00 – 23:00; Fridays 09:00 – 17:00; Saturdays needs to be confirmed with the Appointed student support staff member 09:00 – 14:00.

5.3. The College’s main gate will be closed after 18:00, and re-open for evening exit hourly. For evening bookings, arrive by 17:30. Requests for alternative arrival times have to be scheduled with the Student Support Staff.  

5.4. Students are not allowed to book consecutive sessions.  If no bookings has been made and you need more time, you have to submit your request to the appointed Support Staff Member for an alternative arrangement.

5.5. Only booked sessions and specified equipment will be allocated. You need to ensure that all equipment needed for the session are included in your online booking request.  

5.6. Studio A and C is only available for second and third year bookings.

5.7. Students that are more than 5 minutes late for your studio booking, you will forfeit their session.

5.8. Students have that does cancel their facility booking 8 hours in advance, or do not arrive for a booking, will not be allowed to book another session the current week. Students who misses two studio bookings are disqualified from facility bookings for 2 weeks.

5.9. Students have to collect their equipment from the appointed student supports 10 minutes prior to their session.

5.10. Students are not allowed to book the studio on behalf of someone else, or let someone else use their booking time without the student being there.

5.11. If you have not booked studio after 17:00, you will not be allowed on campus.


6.1. For security reasons, all studios are under 24-hour camera surveillance.

6.2. Students needs to use the correct start-up procedure for all equipment.

6.3. Students needs to switch off all equipment and aircons using the correct procedures at the end of their session.

6.4. Students needs to report any broken or faulty equipment before the start of their session.  

6.5. Students are held liable for any equipment damages or loss while in their possession.

6.6. Equipment needs to be packed up properly and audio cables rolled up neatly after a session. Failure to do so will result in being disqualified from studio use for two weeks.

6.7. No food or drinks are allowed in studios or classrooms. Eating and drinking in studios and classrooms will result in and warnings and possible suspension.


7.1. Students are not allowed to switch equipment between studios. If you need additional equipment in a specific studio please specify this on the booking form.

7.2. Use and sign the equipment handover sheet in studio if you are handing over equipment to another student who has booked after you.

7.3. Last studio session of the day: Always have your equipment packed up by 22:45 so that it can be handed over to the person appointed student support staff member on duty.

7.4. The main gate will be closed between 18:00 and 23:00. Regarding evening bookings, arrive by 18.00.

7.5. Students will be allowed to leave the College on an houry interval during evening bookings and Saturdays and will not be allowed back on campus once they have left.

7.6. Applications for alternative evening studio arrival times have to be scheduled and approved by the appointed student support staff member.   


8.1. Each student is allowed two guests into a studio booking. All guests needs to be cleared by the appointed student support staff member before the start of the session according to the booking schedule. Confirm larger groups and bands with the appointed staff member.

8.2. Guests have to be registered at reception prior to entering any studio.

8.3. You need to sign guests in at 16:45 for studio bookings happening after 17:00.

8.4. You are responsible for the people you bring in to studio.  If they break something or cause difficulties, you will be held liable for their actions.

8.5. No visitors are to be left unattended in studio; use any studio equipment or college resources, including workstations. Visitors abusing any studio rule, including eating and drinking, will result in your banning from studio use for 2 weeks.

8.6. For security reasons guests are at all times requested to wear their visitor tags.


9.1. A final pass-mark of 50% in all modules is required to successfully complete the academic year.  

9.2. You need a class attendance of at least 80% to be allowed to final exams. Please familiarize yourself with the assessment policies as outlined below.

9.3. Students have to study the final exam rosters as published on SIMS and on the student notice boards.  Any changes on assessment dates will be communicated by email, sms, WhatsApp group and on the course group on SIMS

9.4. Students need to diarize all practical exam sessions, which happen outside of the normal Exam roster, like keyboard exams and live sound exams. The dates for these sessions will be communicated to the students via the course or module lecturer and posted on the academic notice boards.

9.5. Students need to organize their transportation for exam dates. If needed, take a “test trip” to the examination center to see how long it actually takes you to get there at the specified time, as no late students can be allowed into the exam venue.

9.6. Students need to attend all extra tutorials and mock exams sessions, which may be scheduled towards the end of term and during revision week. These will be posted on SIMS / email / academic notice board. Communicate the need for a trial class exam or individual assistance / tutorial to your lecturer in due time before exam. These are scheduled during revision week.

9.7. When a student enter the exam venue, exam rules and regulations commences: Mobile phones and other devices switched off; notes stored away; no Internet browsing while waiting / preparing for online exam. No talking or texting.   

9.8. Students have to be seated in the exam venue 10 minutes before start of exam. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a formal exam, you will not be allowed to enter the exam venue. In this case, contact the office upon arrival.

9.9. The same 10-minute rule applies for students arriving late for individual practical exam sessions. If there is time left after all practical exams have been completed, and management and the examiner agrees, a student may be called to do a late assessment on the same day. 25% will be forfeited.  No extra time is allowed for a student arriving late for any exam.   

9.10. Only one justification is accepted for arriving late / missing an exam or formal assessment: Presentation of a valid medical certificate (which college has the right to investigate) will be required.

9.11. Transport problems, parents/student phoning/emailing the college or any other assumptions are not accepted as a valid excuse for missing any assessment / exam.

9.12. If multiple sessions run for the same exam, a student missing their set schedule may under exceptional circumstances and with managements’ consent, be allowed to complete the exam in another session. They will forfeit -25%.

9.13. Students are not allowed to leave the exam venue for the first 30 minutes, and can also not leave 15 minutes before the end of exam – as not to disturb your fellow students.

9.14. Extra time for any exam is allowed only by prior arrangement and due to special conditions and documentation provided.

9.15. Students cheating or submitting any work that is not their own for any assessment is a serious offense, and can lead to expulsion. The exam will not be marked and the student will receive 0, and no opportunity for a re-write will be granted. This also counts for students submitting shared production work, which was not briefed to be group work.

9.16. If a student feel that he/she have not received a fair exam, or there were any external conditions during the examination, which could influence your result, a formal letter of appeal can be submitted to management.  The student will have 5 working days from the completion of the exam to present the appeal.

9.17. For summative final exams, students are allowed a rewrite for modules attained 45 – 49%. Note that this is conditional to your obtainment of 80% class attendance throughout the academic year, and also up to the discretion of the academic manager.  

9.18. Students need to check SIMS and their email inbox and spam inbox for communication regarding exam rewrites and re-submissions. The exam rewrite roster will be published on SIMS.  It is the student’s responsibility to get the dates and venues.

9.19. Post exam lecturer meetings: If a student obtained less than 51% for a module after exam, or need any additional assistance after exam, he/she need to schedule and attend an individual student-lecturer meeting where the areas of difficulty will be addressed. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through with this meeting and communicate with his/her lecturer in order to achieve a better result in the next exam.


10.1. Late hand-ins of assessment: No late assessments will be accepted or marked, including any class assessment and quiz.

10.2. Stude4nts need to make sure they understand all assessment briefs and their associated marking criteria.

10.3. Plagiarism and submitting practical’s that is not 100% own work: This is a very serious offense and students cannot claim ignorance as they received training on plagiarism. Plagiarism in research and practical productions will result in a formal meeting with the student, lecturer and management; letter of warning; guardian notified and student get 0. For plagiarism in research tasks / essays / written work: the lecturer can decide (depending on the degree of plagiarism) if a student were allowed to redo the task. Mark re-submittances -50%. Please always only submit original work. Read the following guidelines regarding plagiarism:

     10.3.1.    Plagiarism, including using sampled audio / downloaded audio material / loops from third parties; submitting practical’s that is not 100% your own work, and submitting shared student software sessions when the task was not specified as group work: This is a very serious offense.  A meeting has to be scheduled with the student (s), lecturer and management; letter of warning could be issued; student get 0 or up to discretion of the lecturer if they allow the student to redo the task (plagiarism in research tasks). Penalize allowed re-submittances -25%.

     10.3.2.    Research essays: absolutely no copy-pasted contents from websites like Wikipedia or any other source are allowed, and should be treated as plagiarism. Content should be written in a student’s own words, as the aim with essays is to demonstrate understanding and assimilation of reading- and research material. All written work will be checked for plagiarism online.   All statements and facts included in written work and research essays, which are not the student’s, own opinion or own research, must be formally acknowledged and referenced.

     10.3.3.    Referencing in research work / essays need to follow the Harvard method of referencing – in the text as well as in the reference list – please familiarize yourself with the Harvard referencing method.


11.1. Students are are allowed to carry over only two failed first-year modules into your second year, and two second year modules to the third year, but they cannot continue into the next level of the failed module simultaneously. This implies that you will need to enroll for an extra year to complete final modules.

11.2. The cost of additional / repeated modules are listed according to the active year that that the module is presented.

11.3. If a student fails more than two modules per year he/she will have to repeat the entire year. Note that each year’s core modules are prerequisites for the subsequent name module, and have to be passed before the succeeding module can be attempted.

11.4. The pass mark for each module (including all its elements) is 50%. A re-assessment will be granted to students with an examination mark between 45% and 49% that has a class attendance record of 80%. The highest mark granted for any re-examination is 50%.

11.5. In the third year students has to select two specialized elective subjects. The electives have prerequisite modules that need a certain final mark. Students needs to make sure to obtain this mark, otherwise the preferred subject might not be possible.


12.1. It is every student’s sole responsibility to ensure that all work and productions in progress are backed up at each stage and on at least two devices. EMENDY will not give extensions in any instances of work lost / stolen / not backed up. Please have access to suitable backing-up devices.


13.1. Students need to be prompt for all classes and practical sessions, as late- coming is a disturbance to both lecturer and fellow students. Do not enter a class if you are more than 5 minutes late.  Please wait for the break to enter.

13.2. Student may not use mobile phones tablets and other devices on private matters during any lecture or practical. Please switch all phones to silent.

13.3. Students missing classes for any reason, including due to illness, have to make sure to catch up all missed work, notes and announcements received in class. Class assessments missed due to tardiness or absence cannot be repeated and marks will be forfeited.

13.4. EMENDY do not accept rude behavior, racism or prejudice between students or against staff. No student is allowed to make derogative comments about any aspect of college, fellow student or member of staff in public or on any social media platforms. Please discuss pending issues with the College Administrator directly.

13.5. No drugs or alcohol are allowed on campus; persons under the influence of a substance will not be allowed on campus or to attend lectures. Note that random drug tests can be conducted on campus.

13.6. Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking areas. Do not smoke in front of any college entrance and please use the ashtrays provided.

13.7. Parking space is limited on campus, and offered as an amenity to our students, on a first-come basis. Do not park on reserved staff parking as – cars will be clamped / removed. Note that there are numerous secure parking lots available close to campus – these include the Hatfield Mall, Gautrain Station and the University of Pretoria’s parkade.

13.8. All damages to college facilities and property are for your own account. We do not tolerate behavior of vandalism / theft, and guilty parties will be expelled from college without a refund for remaining studies. Please notify us of any accidental breakages / damage as they occur. Report all maintenance issues directly to the College Administrator or a SRC representative.

13.9. No assessment results will be made available to students with outstanding accounts and outstanding material from the library. Lecture attendance and exams can be withheld in cases of non-payment.

13.10. EMENDY provides Internet and Wi-Fi services free of charge to enrolled students, to assist with research, projects and student marketing. Do not abuse this privilege. No illegal downloads / movie downloads / large files / pornography allowed. Students misusing the Internet will be denied access from using this service.

13.11. Students are not allowed to make any negative or detrimental remarks or comments about the college on Social Media platforms or amongst students. Such behavior will result in warnings and possible expulsion from the college.

13.12. Students are not allowed to start or engaged themselves in any riots or protests. Any problematic issues or disputes will be dealt with in a professional manner on a case-to-case situation.  Any student that make themselves guilty in this clause will result in warnings or possible expulsion from the college


14.1. Students need to sign out any item from the library from the appointed student support staff member.

14.2. Resources need to be booked for 24 hours. Reference books and current textbooks cannot be booked out.  Please use these in the resource center.

14.3. Resources borrowed on a Friday is to be returned Monday morning before 12.00

14.4. Resources can be booked out for longer periods during the holidays on special request.  These items must be returned by the borrower during the holidays if requested by lecturers / students.

14.5. Music technology magazines, including SoundOnSound and Future Music may be borrowed for 48 hours.

14.6. Upon return of items the manager will sign it in again and check the condition.  Damage to material is for students’ account.

14.7. Late returns:  If any item is returned late, you are not allowed to borrow another item for 2 weeks. Please note that fellow students and lecturers are also using the material and we cannot accept late returns on books.

14.8. Resources can be reserved.  Please use the same booking system under ‘reserve’.

14.9. Lost and damaged material needs to be replaced.  Either purchase the same item, or pay the current price including shipping cost at reception.

14.10. Use the resource center for group research tasks, student discussions and other group assignments.


15.1. Lecturers provide thorough and continual feedback on all formal and informal assessments. When needed, schedule an individual meeting with your lecturer. Lecturers have allocated official meeting times during the week. After all summative exams, student who received less than 51% need to schedule an individual meeting with their module lecturer.

15.2. Students need to stay active on the SIMS platform, student WhatsApp groups, and check their emails daily (also check your SPAM folders). Students will frequently receive emails / notices / newsletters regarding topics such as the following:  announcements, forum discussion on module-related topics; reminders of deadlines / class activities / projects; reminders of class outings; reminders of student academic feedback meetings; reminders of practical exam scheduling, etc.


16.1. EMENDY provide Internet and Wi-Fi services free of charge to enrolled students. Students use the internet to assist with your academic research and practical projects. No compromising and illegal sites and downloads allowed; only course-related downloads are allowed. Note that EMENDY monitor all student internet logins and usage, and control individual workstation access, so please do not abuse this privilege. Do not use social media during lectures unless it’s project-related – this is very disconcerting to your lecturer and fellow students. Wi-Fi is available for student use in the games-room. For security reasons, our Wi-Fi login details are regularly updated.  The current password will be available at reception.


I, the undersigned applicant do hereby declare that:

17.1. I declare and warrant that I am an adult and have full capacity to act, acknowledge that I understand the provisions of the declarations of indemnity above and hold myself bound thereby, and by all other provisions of this registration and by the Rules and procedures of EMENDY PTY (Ltd) for the time being enforced or as they may be altered, for any period during which I am a registered student.

17.2. I acknowledge that I have familiarized myself with this contract, the EMENDY PTY (Ltd)  Information Letters, Rules and Procedures, and certify aspects;
17.3. I acknowledge that I am aware that I have to satisfy the requirements of due performance as laid down by EMENDY PTY (Ltd) ;

17.4. I undertake that I will not amend or cancel my registration in my own manner whatsoever without first informing EMENDY PTY (Ltd) in writing of such amendment or cancellation and acquiring  EMENDY PTY (Ltd) written consent thereto;

17.5. I hold myself responsible for the payment in full of all fees charged as and when they fall due for payment at EMENDY College;

17.6. I agree that where tuition fees are payable to EMENDY PTY (Ltd) in installments the failure to pay any single installment without any prior arrangement may result in the discontinuation of all student rights to use the facilities or receive any student discounts at the music technology shop;

17.7. I agree that EMENDY PTY (Ltd) shall be entitled to recover from me all legal costs incurred by EMENDY PTY (Ltd) with interest in order to enforce its rights under this contract, including, but not by way of limitation, attorney and own client fees, collection charges and all tracing charges;

17.8. I agree that the personal information hereby provided will be used and processed as is necessary to carry out actions and functions for the conclusion or performance of the agreement entered into between the parties as well as to inform me of additional goods and/or services that could be of value to  me.

17.9. I acknowledge that I have the right to object to the processing of my personal information for marketing purposes and unless expressly stated otherwise hereby consent to my personal information being used by EMENDY PTY (Ltd) for the above-mentioned purposes.

17.10. I have read and understand this course registration agreement and I acknowledge having receipt an exact copy this agreement;
17.11. I acknowledge that no verbal statements have been made contrary to what is contained in this course registration agreement:
17.12. I fully understand my rights and duties and agree to abide by them: