EMENDY Alumni Students Exclusive


Become a representative for the college and earn an additional income of up to R1000.00 and more a week. 

We are visiting over 300 schools during the year to tell prospective students about the Multimedia Industry and how EMENDY can play a role in helping them to become successful. The “X2Y” Career Guidance Tour runs from August to September and then again at the beginning of 2022 and throughout the year.

During these tours, we will be talking to Grade 11’s and Grade 12’s. As a representative, you will be pre-allocated to a week where you will visit 3 – 4 schools per day. Most of the schools are situated in the Pretoria and Johannesburg regions, while others are situated in the Limpopo and Durban regions.

With “X2Y” we have a year planner where you will be pre-allocated to a week where you will visit 1 – 4 schools per day. Each school visit is 1 hour. We visit most of the schools in various provinces which mean that you might have to sleep over and only return to Pretoria on Friday.


The perks of being an EMENDY REP

  • Earn additional revenue (UP TO R1000.00 per week). You earn R120.00 per day and R3 per lead. On average you can expect to capture 30 leads per day.
  • Complimentary accommodation (for province travel outside of Gauteng)
  • Complimentary EMENDY Shirt, Hoodie, Buff
  • Build relationships with like-minded music and game enthusiasts.


Are we a good fit?

  • Do you love all things EMENDY?
  • Do you have a vibrant personality, great attitude, and people skills?
  • Do you have ave a valid Driver’s License?
  • Will you be able to commit to the days/weeks once agreed to represent?
  • Are you available to travel (depending on the week allocated to)?
  • Are you responsible and well-presented?
  • If you answer YES to these questions, then we are the right fit!