W-LSE23: Live Sound Engineering Workshop

Live Sound Engineering Workshop

Want to become a skilled Live Sound Engineer?

In our tough economy, job opportunities are often scarce but you have the ability to rise above your situation, start living your dream and earning a sustainable income as a Live Sound Engineer.

With over 16 years of expertise in the music industry our strength lies in helping individuals succeed by making it easy and affordable to learn the required skills to become a well-trained live sound engineer.

Who we are

EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute inspires and empowers people with the talent and passion for the Multimedia Technology Industry through training courses and workshops. We focus on our students and their successful employment as an end-goal.

Live Sound Engineering Workshop

Join our experts as they teach you the essence of being a skilled live sound engineer with this affordable two-day workshop.

This compact workshop will equip you with the neccessary competencies to provide superior quality sound as a skilled Live Sound Engineer at weddings, birthdays, school events, worship services and any other small to medium size functions and events.

After successful completion of the workshop you will be issued with our valued competency approval certificate.

STARTING DATE | Saturday - 24 August

DURATION | 09:00 - 16:00

COST: R2,200

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Sound Engineering

Be in control of the sound!!

Roles of a live sound engineer
Pa system setup
Gain structure
Live miking techniques
Live monitoring
Planning and logistics
Speakers and Amplifiers
Mixers & consoles
EQ and dynamics for live sound
Mixing live sound

What our students say:

I got a lot of value from the workshop - thought I knew everything about sound  ; )
Siphosomusa Mdaka
Siphosomusa MdakaLive Engineer
I'm a part time live sound engineer and enjoy doing events knowing what I'm doing. Thank you guys.
Sifiso Msibi
Sifiso MsibiFreelance Sound Engineer
I'm an executive sound engineer at a reputable company. Awesome workshop! 
Kabelo Selamela
Kabelo SelamelaSound Engineer

live sound engineerig 7

The opportunities are out there!

School Events
Live Performances
Corporate Functions
Church Worship
Sport Events
Poltical Rallies
Promotional Events
And More...

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STARTING DATE | Saturday 24 August

DURATION | 09:00 - 16:00

COST: R2,200

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