Prerequisite Test - N-CMT01


As entry requirment for the Higher Certificate in Music Technology you need to pass the following musical aptitude test that will determine your ability to recognize pitch, loudeness, rhythm and musical memory.

VERY IMPORTANTBefore you start the test:

  • It is highly recommended that you do this amptitude test on a desktop computer with a proper internet connection and a pair of headphones.
  • Connect your headphones or speakers and make sure you can hear audio from your computer loud and clear when you play the example below.
  • If you experience any other technical issues before or during the test - please contact us ASAP

You will get 15 min to complete the test. (You can monitor your time at the top right corner of the quiz box)
The pass-rate for the test is 60% and you will have three attempts.

Good Luck!