Game Lecturer Position


We are expanding our Gaming division and are excited to announce that we are looking for a dynamic candidate to join our Game Development Department.

If you have the academic qualification, skills and passion for Game Development and want to add value to people's lives through sharing your knowledge - please apply now. 


EMENDY Mumtimedia Technology Institute provides training and education in the Multimedia Technology Industry specialising in Music Technology, Game Development and other areas of the audio visual and entertainment Industry.

Our passion lies in the success of our students and contributing towards an industry that is dynamic, exciting and technology-driven.

We carry Internationally Accreditation and are locally registered as a Higher Educational Institute with the Department of Higher education.

We have been in the industry for over 17 year and are proud to have had many successful and active students in the industry.

Our Game Development Department has taken off with a bang - hence why we are in the process of expanding our facilities, course offerings and personnel.


We have position opening for 2018 as Course Coordinator and Lecturer for our Gaming Department. This position will entail playing a responsible role in what direction the department will grow according to current trends and technology.


As Course Coordinator you will be responsible for ensuring effective management of our Game Development course and the

delivery of a coherent curriculum that aligns teaching, learning and assessment activities with a sound academic framework,

consistent with the policies and procedures that govern the institution as a whole.

Responsibilities include:

• Coordination of all teaching and learning activities related to the programme

• Working directly with instructors to develop courseware

• Assisting in the revision and updating of course material

• Coordinating evaluation of constituent modules

• Reviewing the effectiveness of teaching and learning strategies

• Actively participating in ongoing improvement of the programme

• Dissemination of information pertaining to the current policies and best practice

• Scheduling the training of academic staff for the improvement of the programme

• Management of a learner management system (Student Information Management)


Our method of teaching is engaging, enjoyable and aligned with the current industry trends and technologies.

We are seeking the best industry specialists to join our team.

Responsibilities include:

• Class presentation and facilitation

• Courseware and curriculum development

• Creation of teaching aids and assets

• Formulation of assessment tools

• Student support and query handling


• Undergraduate/preferred post graduate qualification

• Proven experience in computer game development and design

• Proficiency in the use of Unity

• Programming skills (C#, JavaScript)

• Exposure to 3D modeling and environment workflows

• Exposure and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop


• Organizational skills

• Self-motivation and the ability to work independently

• Creativity and problem-solving ability

• Excellent communication skills


The position is a 45-hour week full time position from Monday till Friday 8:00 till 17:00.


  • Additional training paid by the Institution
  • Continuation with your own projects in the industry
  • Flexy Time / Remote work
  • Medical Aid


Salary is negotiable and we will consider your value proposition that is presented to us. Attributes that will be taken in consideration are your skills level, knowledge, industry experience, quality and level of existing work, understanding of the educational industry and background as well as future growth potential.


January 2018

 If you an A-player and interested in the position please apply below:

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