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lady lea


The founder of Divas on Decks. Icon and top rated female DJ in Africa.


Founder of Brooklyn Street Productions and record label in Angola.


Walking in the footsteps of his father Steve Hofmeyr - Upcoming artist.


Famous producer working on the new album of American artist Drake.


Famous Youtube sensation with over 1-million views in various music videos.


Founding member at Studio 386, Upcoming Singer, Songwriter and artist.


Member of the band African Roots, producer and performing artist.


Well known DJ and Producer signed at various record labels.


Famous singer songwriter performing all over the work and released albums.


Founder of a famous recording and training Institute in Zambia.


Well Known Music Producer and Keyboardist at African Roots.


Singer and upcoming sensation performing all over the world.


Music producer in dance and Pop - working with well-known South African artists.


Popular Radio Host for the show X-ZONE and music producer.


Well Known Music Producer for various famous international artists.


Well known performing artists making waves in the South African scene.


Andile Fiphaza better known as Zoocci Coke Dope is a 21 year old, Pretoria based music producer with a big future in producing Hip Hop. With hits like WDFO by Kvla, Love, These Girls by Ex Reps and the recent Freedom Or Fame by Blaklez, he is definitely on the right path to becoming one of the best the country has ever seen.

Andile started producing music when he was in Grade 4 and fell in love with it. He studied production at EMENDY College in 2013 and is using his skills to create new music on a daily basis. He describes his creative style and unique and he writes new music based on how he feels in day to day life. This is what he feels keeps his music fresh and full of variety. He's influenced by icons in Hip Hop - AKA, Da Les and Cashtime Life.

The SA Hip Hop scene is one which he hopes to improve and be a major influence of soon. He describes himself as a dream chaser with his name, zoocci, being a mix of Zoo York clothing and the Gucci label. Zoocci Coke Dope says watch this space for more music, more hits and even his very own production house - all coming soon...

You can listen to some Zucci Coke Dope tracks on his soundcloud page.
Read more about him in his latest interviews with Hype and Y-Not Culture.
Student Name: Andile Sibabalwe
Ian van Rooyen is a hard-working studio manager for a company in South Africa. he completed his AMP course and immediately compiled a show-reel to start job hunting. "For a brief period I engineered for a band and then I was employed by Eventech, a live sound company as an intern for a while as they taught me on the job," says Ian. The company supplied PA, stage and back-line equipment for events like Idols, Skouspel and Freedom Day.

After a year and a half another opportunity presented itself. Ian was offered a job at a utility specialist to do setups for their events, videos and write the music for their own films. He also did some radio ads for them, which were aired in the Freestate.

When the media work picked up, the company decided to build a studio entrusting Ian to run the project. Its now completely built and he does all the running of the studio on a daily basis from audio recording, music production to video editing, website content management, photography and design work.

"I've learned how to work with the Adobe suite, I use the software on a daily basis," he says, "studying at EMENDY was only the beginning of a totally new world for me. It was a hard road, but I made it work, and although its not always easy, I absolutely love what I do."
Student Name: Ian Van Rooyen
Zamba is a roaring-success for in Zambia. He owns his own production company called Music Outa Africa Entertainment. "I have produced for a number of different local and international artists and my productions are rated as some of the best in Zambia by key industry players," he says.

Earlier in 2015 one of Zamba's projects, Auto Pilot by local artist Jay Rox, topped the Zambian charts and became a nation wide success. Other artists he has worked with include Cleo Ice Queen - former BBA contestant, Collo from Kenya, Sally Nyondo from Malawi, Edem & Trigmatic from Ghana and Salma Sky from Zambia. Apart from music productions he is also very active in live sound engineering for various artists and organizations.

Student Name: Zamba Anamela
Lady Lea was one of EMENEDY Collge's very first graduates back in 2001.

The founder of Divas on Decks, Lady Lea is an icon in the local music scene. Passionate about making music, Lady Lea has been in the music and DJ industry for 17 years. Lady Lea, now playing on CD players, vinyl and laptop, started DJing at the young age of 14. Since then, Lady Lea has been DJing around the world at various clubs, parties, raves, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, parades, and sports games.

Lady Lea is now rated the top female DJ in South Africa and is currently also rated # 368 in the world by the international DJ Mag voting poll.

Currently, Lady Lea is one of the most booked DJ’s in South Africa. She has had over 20 residencies, and has been a guest DJ at almost every club in South Africa as well as various other countries. Lady Lea blends old & new sounds to create her trademark House sets that crowds love!
Student Name: DJ Lady Lea

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