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Success Stories



lady lea


The founder of Divas on Decks. Icon and top rated female DJ in Africa.


Founder of Brooklyn Street Productions and record label in Angola.


Walking in the footsteps of his father Steve Hofmeyr - Upcoming artist.


Famous producer working on the new album of American artist Drake.


Famous Youtube sensation with over 1-million views in various music videos.


Founding member at Studio 386, Upcoming Singer, Songwriter and artist.


Member of the band African Roots, producer and performing artist.


Well known DJ and Producer signed at various record labels.


Famous singer songwriter performing all over the work and released albums.


Founder of a famous recording and training Institute in Zambia.


Well Known Music Producer and Keyboardist at African Roots.


Singer and upcoming sensation performing all over the world.


Music producer in dance and Pop - working with well-known South African artists.


Popular Radio Host for the show X-ZONE and music producer.


Well Known Music Producer for various famous international artists.


Well known performing artists making waves in the South African scene.


Stan B is 22 years of age and resides at Pretoria Soshanguve. He is a sound engineer, music producer, rapper and teacher. He also motivates and gives career guidance to learners. In 2005 he started his own entertainment company “Stan Producshizzle”. He matriculated in 2007 at Reitumetse high school, went to further his studies by doing Digital Music Production in 2008 and Advanced Music Production in 2009 at Emendy Music & Sound Technologies College.

In 2009 and 2010 he was a contestant on the SABC youth show “Jam Alley” and came out position 1 on both episodes. He was then spotted by ETV producer to perform on the Biggest Hip-hop TV show in SA “Shiz Niz” in 2010. He also performed at the Soweto UJ campus open day along with artist’s like Howza and was interviewed by “Just Music Hip-hop” another Hip-hop TV show on Soweto TV the same year (2010).

Stan has worked with artists like Obita, Joint Pusher, Side Effex, Dumza, Da Spilaz, Galboy and a whole more. Due to the buzz the boy has been causing in his city, “Daily Sun” published an artcle about him on the 13th of May 2010. In 2011 he produced 2 tracks which got radio airplay. The tracks were by Joint Pusher “Can U Survive” which made its debut on “Hip Hop Power nights” 5FM and Side Effex “Asthukile” which was playlisted on YFM.

0n the 18th of March 2011 (Human Rights Day) he was invited by Baviaanspoort Correctional Centre to perform and motivate the offenders. His Company “Stan Producshizzle” sponsors “Happy Social Welfare Orphanage Home” based in Soshanguve Block H with clothes and stationery. Stan was one of the HYPE magazine newcomers in the same year (2011).

In 2012 The Polar Bear Man as he calls himself (Stan B) had the honour of collaborating with the Channel 0 music video award winning rapper and voice-over artist Obita. They’ve done tracks like “wanksta” and their single “abafana baya gala” which is getting so much love from the masses. The two performed the track for the first time during the “Bust A Rhyme For Hip-hop 2 Freedom” Show at Bassline in June and shared the stage with artists like Pro, Red Button and F-Eeezy
Student Name: Stan B
I would like to sincerely thank EMENDY for putting in so much effort, hard work and dedication regarding the payments,training and administration of my studies,

I would especially like to thank Martin for believing in me,it means more than anything in the world to me and without the moral and financial support it would have taken me much more time to succeed in what I love most.

I have found the course extremely helpful and I'm sure of it that my odds are better now to become successful,significant towards making the world a better place,a better producer/musician and business man overall.

I would also like to thank Lorenz, Dewalt, Nic, Emille, Patricia(administration) and everybody else who have helped me become better at my craft.

I am genuinely grateful for what you guys have done for me. I will continue to keep EMENDY's name high and will represent EMENDY until the day that I leave this earth.

I am extremely proud to be a part of the college and cannot thank you enough, once again,thank you..
Student Name: Paul Walker
I studied the DMP course at EMENDY College and graduated in 2006,
I then went on to play lead guitar in an Afrikaans rock band called Doof op Aanvraag which had songs on all the campus radio stations in South Africa in the top ten and the song vergifnis was number one at UJ`s Afrikaans top 10.

I performed on stage with the likes of Springbok Nude girls, Albert Frost, and the Afrikaans group Klopjag.
Now own a production company and a studio where I produce jingles for radio, radio and TV ads and music for film.

I still playwith various artists and promote new and upcoming talent and manage new artists.
I play guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, banjo and mandolin.
I Also do sound productions for various shows.
Student Name: Jaques Erasmus
I am a former student of Emendy Music Tech, and wanted to send my Press kit just as a way of thanking you
for giving me the building blocks i needed to achieve so much. I am currently working for Castle lite on their upcoming
Music Festival which is gonna be huge, please thank Martin for me.

Articulate Artists are an independent Hip-Hop group from South Africa which was formed in early 2009, and consists of 3 members; Power Of Thought (emcee/producer), SafarI (emcee/producer/engineer) and DJ Sizzor Hands. Articulate Artists released their debut album "The WorkHorse Programme" in April 2010... The album was extremely well received nationally and even received a 4 Star rating in HYPE Magazine (Articulate

Artists have featured in Hype Magazine on numerous occasions). Since the release of their debut project, Articulate Artists have been extremely busy with the self-marketing of their album, having performed at a number of Johannesburg's Hip-Hop shows/festivals such as Jozi Fest 2012, Back to the City 2011 & 2012, Mzansi Hip Hop Mega Fest, Splash Jam, 1808, Babylon, Hip Mofunk, Cool Runnings & AFMP Sundays, just to name a few. These underground lyricists have also shared stages with the likes of Proverb, HHP, Jack Parow, Die Antwoord, Ben Sharpa, Driemanskap, Ewok, Last Days Fam, Smurf, R-Senic & independent legends Copywrite (USA), Eligh and Scarub (USA) and Mac Lethal (USA).

Articulate Artists have also worked with local Dj's Niffty (DMC champion), CutKeylow and 2 x DMC champ The Cutt; so it is clear that these guys are purists of the art form. Articulate Artists have not only kept their feet in the sands locally but have also been expanding their skill's & talent across the seas, working with artists and producers such as Empne (Greece), Stihopathis (Greece), Echs Incongnito (Australia), Mr.Boomkat (Australia), Jimmi Riddlz (UK), & King Mike V (U.S.A).

Power Of Thought released his Solo Mixtape in 2012 entitled “Dope Joints for POT Heads Vol.1” Which received a 9/10 rating on P.O.T and SafarI are also well known in the battle circuit, having battled some of S.A.s finest emcee's on various stages, leagues and street corners. Most notably, battle venues such as Battleground, Back to the City 2010, Scrambles4Money, and the Art OF War battle league.

Articulate Artists have also appeared twice on Sabc 1's Ziyakhipha and once on e-tv's Hip-Hop show "ShizNiz" and on Soweto tv's Just Music Hip-Hop. Articulate Artists pride themselves on creating original boom bap Hip-Hop which is rarely found these days...With lyrical skills which are highly content driven and extremely thought provoking, it's safe to say Articulate Artists do it for the Hip-Hop culture and represent the raw elements that real Hip-Hop heads thrive on.
Student Name: Daniel Livingstone
Dapo Kehinde is a music producer and mix engineer who studied the CMT course in 2014. Dapo was immediately booked after his time here to teach a young group of producers in Nigeria. “EMENDY really gave a boost to my career as a music producer," he says.

After uploading some of his finished music to Soundcloud, he found work opportunities doing some music collaborations and free lance work as a producer. "I've worked with quite a number of artists in Nigeria and I have my diary booked consistently," says Dapo.

Some of the latest tracks Dapo has worked on can be found here He is currently working on his own personal studio which will be up and running in 2015. "At the moment I’m also training his engineers at the studio and acting as a consultant producer."


Student Name: Dapo Kehinde
I have started my journey into the wonderful world of music at the age of 14, but started my career two years later. The dream of becoming a good music producer was the main motivation to achieve the top of the charts one day. But Talent without knowledge is like a car with few liters of gas, one day it stops. We have to learn every time if we want to be great at somethings. EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute was the best thing I could achieve in my life.

Every single lesson gave me a new perspective on how things should be done to achieve the golden sound. I am greatful for every day at EENDY, not just because of the great lessons, but because they gave me the necessary tools and motivation so I could achieve my dream. Today I work with some of the greatest names in the Angolan industry and the higher the dream, the higher to dedication to achieve.
Student Name: Luis Claudio S. E. S. Carvalho
Armand Hofmeyr se debuutalbum Foto's en Briewe was een van die opwindendste verrassings van die vorige musiekjaar! Nou bied hy sy bewonderaars en nuwe belangstellendes 'n uitklop-opvolgalbum: Rug teen rug.

Die splinternuwe album is weer 'n toonvenster van dié talentvolle jong man se vaardigheid. Sy eie, oorspronklike nuutskeppinge is dikwels spieëlbeelde van sy hart en siel; byderwets ritmies.

Armand vertolk sy werk in'n wydtreffende country-popstyl, wat ruimskoots met "rock" geanker word.
Student Name: Armand Hoffmeyr
Modiakgotla Shole is a producer, songwriter and beat maker who studied at Emendy during 2012. He says he’s on the way to achieving his dreams and has beats in the pipeline for some industry stars.

Modiakgotla is greatful for the experience at Emendy because he learned to use the “top of the range” equipment and gained some new skills in various DAW platforms.
His latest venture into Hip Hop has proven successful with the music video for his latest song production receiving a nomination at the 2014 SA Hip Hop Awards.

Student Name: Modiakgotla Shole
After Wilhelm Venter - Aka EL Phoenix completed his Sound Engineering and Digital Music production studies at EMENDY in 2009 he started his music career as Producer and DJ at a local pub in Ireland.

As co-producer - he won the annual BPM Remix competition in 2009 with the epic track from Infected Mushrooms-‘ Smashing the Opponent’.

Wilhelm produced a 3 track EP in 2011 – ‘Masters of Mono’ that was released with Dubflex Records. Since then he released several other albums and tracks that is available on Beatport and Amazon.

To date his biggest achievement is the release of his debut album titled: ‘Fallen from the Earth' as well as his remix of Steve Aoki: "Come With Me" that was selected to be released on ULTRA RECORDS in 2013.

Wilhelm is currently a resident DJ /Music Manager and Radio Host in Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain.
Student Name: Wilhelm Venter (Aka EL Phoenix)
After studying the DMP course at EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute Theunis de Bruyn as well as another Alumni student Louis Potgieter, who successfully completed the AMP course was approached to become part of the group "The Ice project" They immediately got signed at a well known record label.

The Ice Project is a soft rock/post grunge band that started out in Potchefstroom, a town known for its artistic student community. At first The Ice Project was known for its acoustic sounds, but can now be seen as a full four piece band drawing influence from a wide variety of bands such as Collective soul, Matchbox 20, Colday, Pearl Jam, Arcade fire, Bon Iver and many more.

The Ice Project is currently based in Pretoria, has shared the stage with well known bands, such as One day remains, Made in Wrong Kong, Tidal waves, The Parlotones, The Black Hotels, Wonderboom, Crash car burn and others.

The Ice Project has received airplay on Jakaranda FM and the Song "Rollercoaster" was included in top 5 local acts on the MK channel's show "Studio 1" for more than six weeks.
In January 2010 The Ice Project was signed to Sovereign Records and is currently inbetween recording and gigging to prepare for the first full length album.

The four piece band consists of guitarist Heinrich Pelser, who is a guitar teacher by profession and has an objective passion for all kinds of music; drummer, Theunis de Bruyn who juggles backing the vocals, hooking up the pad sounds and even playing acoustic guitar all whilst beating the kit in a signiture fassion; Louis Potgieter on bass and keys, experimenting with synthetic sounds and stealing the show by constantly swapping bass and keyboard within songs; and finally singer/song writer Cobus Bester who lends his signature vocals, lyrics and melodies to the colaborative concept that is The Ice Project.
Student Name: Theunis de Bruyn

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