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Student Council

At the heart of EMENDY lies our Student Representative Council also called THE DREAM TEAM and the VOICE of our students.


These student leaders play an important part in maintaining an open communication channel between the students and Institution.

They are also responsible for planning and executing various social- and college events, fund raising and sponsorship, competitions, and to boost the vibrant student life on campus.

Click on the profile photos below to read their profile information.

SRC Members - 2018



Marius Dreyer


I am an aspiring hip-hop producer and artists and have loved writing rhymes and poetry since a young age. I believe in the power of your imagination. If you can think it, you can achieve it through hard work, dedication and a positive mindset. I believe that people work best when they're happy, which is why I want to ensure that Emendy students are at their happiest and most comfortable when they come to work at the college. I want to ensure this by implementing ideas, student activations and create an overall good vibe within the college. Emendy offers not only myself, but all of the students equal opportunities to enhance their craft, build their brand and ensure success within the multimedia industry.




JP Dreyer


What is important to me is that the students are represented by a team that follow the mission statement, adhere and are subject to structure. Communication should always be the first objective and followed by engagement. A value system of respect, teamwork and equal opportunities will be one of my first engagements between the student body and Management.



Lesego Moloi


My family is very important to me and they play a vital role in my life. My purpose as Minister of Hype is to ensure that the students are consistently motivated and excited to be at Emendy. It is to also ensure that the students have a working relation with their fellow peers and their Tutors. Emendy doesn’t treat its students as just students. Here at Emendy we are treated like family, of which means a lot to me. Emendy focuses primarily on the success of the student. This is the reason why I choice to enrol at Emendy Multimedia Technology Institute to help me in this journey to achieve my dreams.




Mikyla Koen


My portfolio is to make sure everyone is informed on campus and to keep Emendy students encouraged, excited and inspired within their craft. I want students to be in an atmosphere where they feel free to express who they are and who they are yet to become.

I intend on being a constant helping hand to all members of the Emendy family and my aim this year is to make more women aware of the opportunities Emendy has to offer if they are wanting to pursue a career in the music industry.




Bernard Van Hoven


I believe in unity. Without unity a group of people with the same goals won't be able to reach them. One can only improve by learning and the best way to learn is from the people around you, working together, collaborating.

I hope to allow the students to showcase more talent, get people's creativity out there and most of all listen to good music.




Marco Coetzer


The role is to lookout on anything that can be improved on campus. Like anything in this world, we need teamwork, and without teamwork we cannot accomplish anything great.

With teamwork we can be stronger, better, greater! Me being the minister of improvements, i will make it my mission to sort out the issues that students have.

I will be the connection between students and management.  "I live by the quote:" Everyone that wants to bring you down is already below you" Lets make Emendy Multimedia Institute the best in Multimedia College in the world!




Richman Leon Moyo


The world is run by people who step up and volunteer to carry on their shoulders certain responsibilities that not everyone want to tackle, and those people don’t just stand up for selfish reasons but mostly for those who do not have a voice and the courage to speak up for themselves (even if it means operating on back stage but making other people’s lives better and easier).
With that being said, let me be that person who stands up and speak for those who do not have a voice, let me tackle some responsibilities that some people are not confident to tackle and teach myself selflessness. Being in the SRC means that I’ve just been privileged to learn more and become more.
I’m running with the quote “Be the change you want to see”.



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