O-CMT01: Registration Instructions

Note: This registration process can be done online or at the College.

1. Create a website user account

First you need to create a registered user account. If you have previously contacted us through our online ticket system you might already have a user account linked to your email address. In this case you will need to request a username reminder and password reset to retrieve your user details rather than creating a new user account with a different email address.

2. Pass the music aptitude test

Once your have successfully registered a website account you will be prompted to complete the prerequisite Music Aptitude Test.

Once you have passed the music aptitude test you will be granted access to the online registration form as well as your letter of acceptance for this course that you may view and download for funding and study visa purposes.

3. Pay registration fee

The next step will be to pay your registration fee to secure your place in the next intake.

4. Complete registration form

The course registration can be performed online or at the college with the assistance of our College Registrar. Please decide on a course payment plan or secure your study loan from a bank or financial institution before you start completing the form.

5. Submit documents and forms

After completing the registration form you will be prompted to upload or submit the rest of the required course registration documentation by email to complete your registration.

6. Pay course fees

Depending on your chosen course payment option - you will need to make the necessary course payments before the commenciment of the course.

If you need any assitance with this registration process please contact our College Registrar today.





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