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Tennis Table Wars at Emendy!
25 Oct

Tennis Table Wars at Emendy!

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The legendary table tennis game at Emendy has kept students entertained since Emendy’s grand opening and students have done everything in their power to claim championship from the Chief Lecturer Lorenz Penckler. Unfortunately there is no way you can beat him since table tennis is in his blood. It has been reported that ancient elders gave Lorenz the secret powers to beat every challenger, so before you take him on make sure you know how to hold the paddle.

Tips & Tricks when Playing against Lorenz

  • Never look down because you might feel a table tennis ball gently smashing against your forehead.
  • Don’t embarrass yourself with patronizing remarks because the chances of losing are very high.
  • Lorenz is known to hit with rapid force, so protect yourself at all means necessary.
  • If you lose don’t make lame excuses because it just makes you look even worse!
  • Don’t bet money because you will be broke in a matter of minutes!
  • Keep your hands on the paddle at all times for self-defence!
  • Do not compete with your Chief lecturer if he is not in the mood because fury is what you will receive.

Now that you know all the secrets to win a game against Lorenz, schedule a game at reception and see if you can beat this table tennis legend!

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