Students Record Drums!

25 Oct

Students Record Drums!

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Students have learned to record a full drum set this week at Emendy but it wasn’t an easy task whatsoever with lecturers keeping a close eye on them. The glen johns and other drum microphone recording techniques were explored that guarantees phenomenal audio recordings. From a cocktail kit to a full drum set, the students practised how to capture the best sound for drums!

The first struggle students encountered was tuning drums to perfection using a drum tuner. Did you know you can tune your drums in the same key your song is played for it to sound better in the mix? After the drums were good to go, it was time to place the microphones at the correct distance from each drum or symbol. Various techniques were explored like using condenser microphones to capture the room sound, Yamaha sub kick microphones for the bass drums, pencil microphones and so many more. The best way to figure out the perfect drum sound is to experiment with various setups. Whether you would like to record with basic drum microphones or expensive microphones, it’s all about placement and making the best out of what you have!

Emendy Sound & Music Technologies strive to provide students with as much information as possible about the recording industry and recording drums perfectly is one of the tasks you have to complete as an Emendy student!

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