Students Enjoy Production on Apple

25 Oct

Students Enjoy Production on Apple

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In the past analogue was king but with technology growing at rapid speeds, digital is the new way to go. Emendy is a sound engineering and music production college that enables individuals to record their music easily on Apple Mac’s. There are many reasons why you should be recording on a Macintosh computer seeing that glitches are minimal.

Almost all our labs are equipped with Mac’s giving students a stress free environment to make their beats without pc’s continuously crashing due to high volumes of data processing. Students enjoy producing beats on our Apple Mac’s because the latest vsts are available like Reason, Kontakt, Absynth and so many more. You do not need a sound card when producing beats on a Mac because the speed makes up for the latency you would have received. A sound card is only necessary when you want to record audio signals into your project, but when it comes to midi production its perfect just like it is. Every workstation in Emendy is equipped with sound cards that provide the opportunity of instant plug and play!

Make your music in Cubase or Protools on Apple Macs for the best production experience any aspiring sound engineer could ask for and visit the college for a full tour!

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  • William posted by William Thursday, 08 October 2015 09:08

    Great stuff Guys!!

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