Students Open New Entertainment Area!

25 Oct

Students Open New Entertainment Area!

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Emendy Sound and Music Technologies provides students with various forms of entertainment besides music. Students almost live in the college because they are always producing music and need time to escape from it all in one of their entertainment areas.

Play a game of fooseball with your peers and strive to be the ultimate foosball champion at one of our student events. You can also enjoy playing table tennis against the lecturers but beware because they are really good. All our entertainment areas have either live or recorded music playing to soothe your soul, so make sure you get on the playlist by speaking to the reception lady. Emendy has opened another entertainment area with fantastic shading to keep you cooler than you already are and live shows are hosted there regularly. Besides making music you can play on some of Emendy’s percussion instruments around a bonfire with your friends because Emendy is the origin of every musician’s connections! Internet is available at Emendy at any time of the day but students are encouraged to only use it for research and not downloading movies all the time.

Browse through our gallery to see what entertainment areas are available at Emendy or visit the college that is located in Hatfield Pretoria!

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