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Life of an Emendy Student
25 Oct

Life of an Emendy Student

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There are many people wondering what the life of an Emendy student compromises of because there are things happening on a 24 hour basis at Emendy. Basically Emendy Sound and Music Technologies is a learning institution for music producers and sound engineers from all around the world.

Emendy has many foreign students yearly learning the best information about this audio industry. Students can record themselves in one of the colleges amazing studios that cater for multitracking, dubbing and midi. There are many practise rooms where students complete their projects and small booth were vocal recording can be done within the classroom. Students love the entertainment areas where they can play foosball, table tennis, listen to their tracks or even braai on scheduled dates. The college also has its own music shop called orange music where people can but their favourite products at spectacular prices. If you are an Emendy student you are guaranteed to receive discount!  Life of an Emendy student is extremely fun and a great way to connect with the entertainment industry.

Enrol at Emendy today for one of their short or full time courses that are accredited and top-class for any aspiring sound engineer or music producer!

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