Emendy Student on Idols!

25 Oct

Emendy Student on Idols!

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Brendan Ledwaba is a first year student at Emendy Sound and Music Technologies and wowed the Idols judges at his first audition with his sublime vocals and keyboard technique. Idols is a great way for musicians to build a big fan base if they are so lucky enough to go far in the competition like Brendan did.

Signing his heart away in front of the judges, Brendan’s soothing vocals impressed the panel and was selected to go to the top 100 round. Throughout the group weeks and single audition rounds he surpassed his initial goal of entering the top 100 and is now in the top 16. Make sure you watch Mnet and vote for him to win! You can also check out his social networks like twitter or Facebook where the latest information about his career is revealed. Brendan is a very talented musician that will further his career by winning idols or not but with a voice like that, who knows he just might be the lucky winner!

There have been many students like Nicolene Praeg and Brendan over the years that have done very well in the competition. Emendy would like to wish Brendan the best of luck in this wonderful signing competition; we know you will do well!

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