Students Visit Compact Disk Technologies

25 Oct

Students Visit Compact Disk Technologies

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CDT (Compact Disk Technologies) is South Africa’s leading brand for mass cd production and also protects the distribution of Cd’s in the country. Our students visited the company and enjoyed a jaw-dropping tour that taught them about the duplication business.

The first area students were shown was the lazer duplicating room were Cd’s are duplicated in the masses. If you ever watched “How stuff works” on the discovery channel then you will know exactly what the feel is inside these mass production companies. Some students jumped for joy when they heard there was a testing station for games, audio CD's, videos and more where operators sit the whole day to rate the quality on the product. The printing rooms are extraordinary, using primary colours for all the printing that is layered on top of each other to make new interesting colours that were designed for the cd cover or booklet. CDT produces various CD sizes and shapes to fit the artist own individual needs. The storage facilities are overwhelming and truly showcase the growth in the South African music scene!

Emendy can’t wait to visit CDT next year and students are already making songs to hopefully become mass produces by this leading production company!

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