Students Prepare for Exams

25 Oct

Students Prepare for Exams

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It is that time of year again where our first and second year students are tested on their skills learned thus far at Emendy Sound and Music Technologies. The first year students have fewer subjects to study for compared to the second year students but leaners will be evaluated on their practical and theoretical experience.

Tips from the Lecturers

  1. Prepare your study material a month ahead for the best results in theory tests.
  2. Practise practically on Cubase whilst keeping your notes next to you.
  3. Create dummy tests to see if you are prepared for the real exams.
  4. Watch videos on YouTube that explains the topic you are studying.
  5. Complete every question in the exam even if you are not sure about the answer because you might score points for certain viewpoints.
  6. Revise your online quizzes and read the online material provided for your convenience.
  7. Focus on mastering your practical’s that will boost your marks if you do not master the theory examinations!

Now that you know a bit more about preparing for your exams and what the lecturers advise you to do, make sure you study in groups for a better understanding on certain subjects that your class mate might be excellent in!

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