Students Record Multitracks for Local Bands

25 Oct

Students Record Multitracks for Local Bands

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Local bands are invited regularly to record their tracks for free at Emendy where students are given the job for practical experience. Emendy Sound and Music Technologies has great studios that enable sound engineers to record multiple signals at the same time. There are many bands that sound better when playing in conjunction rather than separately tracking each member.

Using a 16 input sound card, students prepare for recording by inserting the different line cables to the sound card and increasing the gain to a perfect level. Each band member is given headphones and placed into separate booths where they prepare for recording. Everything is checked from the actual instrument quality, acoustics in the room and best settings on amplifiers that will make the recording sound even better. Once everything is set up the band plays in real-time were everything is recorded and mixed separately. Emendy also offers duplication services where bands can duplicate their recordings and design their album cover for distribution! For more information about Emendy’s studios, make sure you check the studio section available on our website or social networks!

Bands are selected based on professional, marketability and other factors the project requires. If you would like to become a part of this, make sure you mail Emendy with your press kit today! 

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