Guest Lecture – Future in Technology

25 Oct

Guest Lecture – Future in Technology

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Donovan Fourie guest lectured at Emendy and discussed the future in technology with our second year students. This innovative and fun lecture explained where technology is heading and what we can expect in the audio field. Students were in awe when they discovered that everything will turn to touch screen in a matter of time!

Donovan used an example of a basic music production workstation. Screens will be replaced with virtual holograms where everything is touch interactive. Midi controllers will most definitely be light sensitive and speakers will make sound from surfaces like glass. Basically a small speaker patch can be placed on any surface before the sound is amplified. Face recognition and social media scared a few learners when they learned that everything is stored on a server somewhere in the world.  At the end of the day peers walked out of the classroom with a better understanding about the future gizmos that might arrive and what not to do on the internet. The lecture was truly one of the best classes ever given at Emendy and the future in technology looks bright for any aspiring sound engineer!

Almost every guest lecture is on Emendy’s YouTube channel, so do yourself a favour and gain free knowledge by the best individuals in the entertainment industry.

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