25 Oct


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The South African Broadcast Corporation’s head offices are in Johannesburg and Emendy students were given a tour of all their studios and sets. Studying music production and sound engineering opens a wide field of career opportunities to choose from like working at a radio station, capturing live sound at studio sets and so much more.

The first place students visited was one of the radio stations with an engineer explaining the production behind a live radio show. Students also visited studios where script recording was done and even went to the prop hanger filled with everything you would see in your local TV show. The best thing about the tour was most definitely anechoic chamber. No sound is present whatsoever and is a weird experience for anyone to go through because you can even hear your blood rushing through your veins. The Isidingo set was last on the list where audio recording for studio sets was discussed amongst our peers.  The tour took about 5 hours but was most definitely worth it because once you walk outside the building you know almost everything that can be done as a sound engineer. Students visit the SABC yearly seeing that Emendy strives to provide you with all the tools to make your own career a success!

Do yourself a favour and take a look at the SABC studios or enrol at Emendy today for wonderful student trips that might grant you with amazing opportunities!

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  • Ryan Mitchley posted by Ryan Mitchley Thursday, 12 September 2019 13:58

    Hi. Is the anechoic chamber at the SABC available for hire? I work at small electrical engineering company in Cape Town and we are struggling to find a local anechoic chamber for small-scale testing.
    Thanks for any assistance or putting me in touch with the right contact.

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