Students Working at Oppikoppi 2013

25 Oct

Students Working at Oppikoppi 2013

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Oppikoppi is one of South Africa’s biggest music festivals ever with acts from all over the world entertaining fans for 3 days. Emendy students are sent to Oppikoppi yearly to do live sound on an around the clock basis. Hilltop Live manages the live sound and students are given a weekend of work to see if their live sound skills really pays off.

Oppikoppi has more than 6 stages with different acts performing simultaneously. Students learn about backstage riders, live sound, live recordings and everything else live shows compromises of. If you have been to this festival you will know that some bands play till 3am. Emendy student are put to the test coping with time management, pressure and the undertaking of a full-fledged festival.

For the musicians preforming at Koppi it’s all fun and games but for the interns it’s a weekend of hard work. The best way to gain experience is following a hand on approach that Emendy provides like students visiting this amazing festival. Students are selected based on their marks, so make sure you study if you would like to go to Oppikoppi for free!

Browse through our pictures of Oppikoppi on our social networks to see what happened the last few years and enjoy stunning pictures taken by our second year students!

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