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Ludwig Bouwer One Big Room Studios Guest
25 Oct

Ludwig Bouwer One Big Room Studios Guest

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Ludwig Bouwer is a well-known musician in South Africa that owns his own studio and plays bass for The Lemmings. He recently guest lectured at Emendy and provided students with vital information when it comes to opening their own studio. Students were amazed by the small tricks he showcased on Cubase and were given the chance to ask him any questions they wanted about the music industry.

Ludwig owns a home studio where he has recorded acts like The Parlotones, Scarlet Box and other great South African acts. Students visited his studio and his setup was explained in full. One Big Room Studios has many booths and gear that is working around the clock without plugging in cables all the time which saves time. This amazing sound engineer explained the importance of keeping your equipment in a good condition and how to get the perfect sound for vocal recording. Ludwig has many intern programs where aspiring sound engineers can work on albums with him. A fun day changed many lives with marvellous tips that could make students produce masterpieces.

Make sure you follow his social networks and check out the studio One Big Room on the internet because quality recording is guaranteed!

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