Hand's-on mixing with the Yamaha Nuage

Yamaha Nuage Yamaha Nuage Yamaha Nuage
25 Apr

Hand's-on mixing with the Yamaha Nuage

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We got the Yamaha Nuage professional DAW controller in today!

Nuage Nuage Advanced Production System defines new standards of quality and efficiency for virtually every aspect of the production process.

The Yamaha control and interface hardware seamlessly integrates with Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase DAW software in a purpose-built system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility as well as premium audio quality.

The Nuage is a highly regarded asset in audio post-production and music production studios around the world, giving discerning engineers the tools they need to turn out top-quality projects every day.

For professional post production, music production, and recording applications, Nuage provides an unparalleled union of industry leading hardware and software.

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