Towdee Mac Hip Hop Music Production Masterclass

16 Sep

Towdee Mac Hip Hop Music Production Masterclass

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On September the 8th, EMENDY students had the privilege of getting a Hip Hop Music Production Masterclass from South African Motswako pioneer, and former EMENDY lecturer,  Towdee Mac.

During the class, held at the Encore Theatre in Hatfield, Pretoria, students spent 6 hours learning the ins and outs of modern Hip Hop music production techniques from Mr Tswaknificent himself, which included techniques for sequencing drums, bass lines that don’t clash with kick pattern, keyboards and lead synths that support the vocal melody for an original track composed during the class.

Students then had the opportunity during break to write their own lyrics for the track and record it, before going into the 2nd half of the class which covered Hip Hop Mixing Techniques in Pro Tools 11, including techniques such as the use of side-chain compression on the drums and bass, serial compression and effects on vocals, and also equalization techniques for getting a clear and fat mix.

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