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N-ISR09: Introduction to Reason

N-ISR09: Introduction to Reason


This legendary music production software is ever expandable, freely routable with racks of instruments, effects and sounds, and has everything you need to write, record, remix and produce great-sounding tracks.

Experience Reason DAW Software like never before. Learn all the major functionalities and inner-workings you did not know existed in this Introduction to Reason software DAW. We will give you the skills and knowledge to use this powerful music production tool to produce music with Reason in just 4 Days.



No prior musical knowledge or skills are required to study this course.


   Computer Literacy.
   English Language aptitude: speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.


   A Passion for music
   Diligence, punctuality and dedication
   An Inquisitive attitude


This course allows for only 16 students per intake to secure maximum contact with the students. Each student will work on a dedicated DAW workstation during the course. Classes consist of practical hand's-on class exercises, demonstrations and assignments.

   Full time classes are presented over 4 days from 9:30 till 16:30 in the afternoons
   Part time classes are presented on two week-days per week over 4 weeks from 18:00 till 21:00 in the evenings



The prescribed course textbooks are not included in the course fee. All other course notes and material are included.


The course is based on the latest version of Proppelerhead Reason Digital Audio Workstation Software.


Everything you need to successfully complete the course is provided for on Campus during your sessions.

All enrolled students can book and use the Institution's fully equipped studios and practice room to complete their practical projects during the course.

If you want to gain more experience in music technology, excel at the software used in the course and be able to complete assessment tasks remotely, it is strongly recommended that you have access to your own DAW setup.

Registered students qualify for up to 50% student discount on software and hardware.

The course will include the following:


Overview of Reason
Overview of Rewire
Rack Extension
REX File Format
Overview of Refill Concepts
Mobile App Integration
Basics of Digital Audio
Basics of MIDI
Basic Studio Setup
Creating a Project
Saving a Project
Creating Tracks
Working with the Browser
Overview of Transport Panel
Working with the Tool Window


Overview of the Sequencer
Searching Additional Content
Creating instruments in the Rack
Overview of Cable Types
Working with the Combinator
Routing Options Within the Rack
Overview of Context Menus
Guitar & Bass Devices
Overview Half Racks
Piano Roll
MIDI Recording
MIDI Editor
Editing Single and Multiple Notes
The Tool Window for MIDI editing


Overview of Gain Structure
Practical Audio Recording
Audio editing in the  sequencers
Recording in Song and Block Mode
Editing Clips
Sampling an Instrument
Overview of Sample Editor
Integrating Samples into Workflow
Time Stretching Modes
Comp Editor
Overview of Fader Types
Automation Overview
Automation Workflow
Overview of Alien Tracks


Working with distortion
Working with compressors
Overview of Equalizers
Creating Multi Effects
Percussion Devices
Synthesizer Devices
Sampler Devices
The Mixer - Signal Flow
EQ Modes
Dynamic Controls
Creating and Automating Sends
Creating Parallel Channels
Overview of Bus Channel within the mixing workflow
Overview o the Master Section
Overview of the Export Dialog

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