N-EMP04: Electronic Dance Music Production

N-EMP04: Electronic Dance Music Production


The Electronic Dance Music Production course covers some of the most popular music genres in the dance scene: EDM (Trance & Dance), Dubstep and House.

The course focuses on programming and sequencing techniques, creative use of effects, vocal processing, drum programming, synthesis, filters and sweeps as well as genre specific mixing and mastering techniques.

The course is presented by Stefan Viljoen one of South Africa's best Dance Music Producers


Existing knowledge and experience on any music DAW is required.

To enroll in the course, you are required to complete a prerequisite questionnaire and/or to submit a production portfolio to assess your current level of knowledge and ability in this regard


   Knowledge on Ableton Live DAW or completion of N-ISA10: Introduction to Ableton Live
   Existing Music Production / Recording experience in a home or professional studio environment.
   Knowledge of different music genres specific to the course.
   English Language aptitude: speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.
   Basic Mathematical aptitude.


   A Passion for music.
   Diligence, punctuality and dedication
   An Inquisitive attitude


Classes consist of hands-on practical sessions hosted in a dedicated DAW computer environment setup.

The sessions include discussions and feedback on student's productions completed during the course.

Theoretical concepts are practically demonstrated and applied by students during contact class, therefore all lecture attendance is compulsory.



The prescribed course textbooks are not included in the course fee. All other course notes and material are included.


The course is presented but (not limited) on the latest version of "Ableton Live" Digital Audio Workstation Software and students may use their onw preffered DAW software during the course.


Everything you need to successfully complete the course is provided for on Campus during your sessions.

All enrolled students can book and use the College's fully equipped studios and practice room to complete their practical projects during the course.

If you want to gain more experience in music technology, excel at the software used in the course and be able to complete assessment tasks remotely, it is strongly recommended that you have access to your own DAW setup.

Registered students qualify for up to 50% student discount on software and hardware.

The course will include the following:

Introduction to Dance Music Production
House - Drum & Bass Programming
House - Melodic elements effects & atmosphere
Dance Arrangements
Basic mixing & mastering
EDM/Trance Bass lines
EDM/Trance Sound Design / Synthesis
EDM/Trance Chord progressions & Melodies
EDM/Trance Vocals
Dub-step Drum & Bass Programming
Dub-step Complectro & Bass
Dub-step Melodic elements
Remixing & mash ups

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