N-ASR05: Registration Instructions

Note: This registration process can be done online or at the Institution.

1. Create a website user account

First you need to create a registered user account and verify your account by email (Check your spam box if you don't receive the email).

Make sure you have entered the correct contact details, these will be used on your letter of acceptance and while studying.

2. Pass the music aptitude test

Once your have successfully registered your user account you will receive a verification email with a link to the prerequisite Music Aptitude Test.

After passing the music aptitude test you will receive another email with a link to the registration form and a letter of acceptance for funding purposes.

Note: You can log back into the site to access your quiz results and letter of acceptance on the top left menu that appears once you login. Just click on the + symbol at the top right of the site ot access the user login page.

3. Complete the registration form

Follow the email link to complete the online registration form. Alternatively you can download the .pdf version of the registration form or complete your registration at the College.

4. Submit documents and forms

After submitting the registration form you will be prompted to upload or submit the rest of the required course registration documentation online or by email.

5. Pay course Registration and fees

The next step will be to pay your course registration fee to secure your place for the next intake.

Depending on your chosen course payment option - you will need to make the necessary course payments before commencment of the course.

NOTE: If you intend to apply for a loan to pay for your course, you need to provide us with an approved study loan before your registration will be finalized otherwise your application might be cancelled.


If you need any assitance with this registration process please contact our Registrar today.


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