Course List

Nr Department Code Name Duration Lecturer Contact Nr Email
1  Music Technology  N-CMT01  Creative Music Technology  1 Year      
2  Music Technology  N-DMT02  Diploma in Music Technology  3 Years      
3  Music Technology  N-AMM03  Audio Mixing & Mastering  8 Weeks      
4  Music Technology  N-EMP04  Electronic Dance Music Production  12 Weeks      
5  Music Technology  N-ASR05  Advanced Studio Recording Techniques  4 Weeks      
6  Music Technology  N-APP06  Audio Post Production  12 - 26 Weeks      
7  Music Technology  N-ISC08  Introduction to Cubase  4 Days or Two weeks      
8  Music Technology  N-ISR09  Introduction to Reason  4 Days or Two weeks      
9  Music Technology  N-ISA10  Introduction to Ableton  4 Days or Two weeks      
10  Music Technology  N-ISL11  Introduction to Logic Pro X  4 Days or Two weeks      
11  Music Technology  N-ASF12  Introduction to FL Studio  4 Days or Two weeks      
12  Music Technology  N-WPC13  Waves Plugin Certificate  4 Days or Two weeks      
13  Music Technology  N-WPC14  Waves Gold Plugin Certificate  4 Days or Two weeks      
14  Music Technology  N-NIK15  Native Instruments Komplete I  4 Days or Two weeks      
15  Music Technology  N-NIK16  Native Instruments Komplete II  4 Days or Two weeks      
16  Music Technology  N-PTS101  Introduction to Pro Tools  4 Days or Two weeks      
17  Music Technology  N-PTS110  Music Production with Pro Tools  4 Days or Two weeks      
18  Music Technology  N-PTS130  Music Production for Games  4 Days or Two weeks      
19  Music Technology  N-PTS201  Pro Tools Production II  4 Days or Two weeks      
20  Music Technology  N-PTS210M  Music Production Techniques  4 Days or Two weeks      
 21  Music Technology  N-PTS210P  Music Post Production  4 Days or Two weeks      
 22  Music Technology  N-SSE101  Studio Soound Engineering 101  12 Weeks      
 23  Music Technology  N-MPT101  Music Production Technique 101  12 Weeks      
 24  Music Technology  N-SSE201  Studio Sound Engineering 201  12 Weeks      
 25  Music Technology  N-MPT201  Music Production Technique 201  12 Weeks      
 26  Music Technology  N-MMB201  Music Business (Music Industry)  12 Weeks      
 27  Music Technology  N-LSE201  Live Sound Egineering  12 Weeks      
 28  Music Technology  N-SSD301  Sound Synthesis & Design  12 Weeks      
 29  Music Technology  N-MMC301  Music Media Composition  12 Weeks      
30  Game Development  N-GDD20  Game Development & Design  1 Year      
31  Game Development  N-GDU23  Game Development with UNITY 3D  8 Weeks      
32  3D Arts & Animation  N-GDA22  3D Modeling & Animation  1 Year      
33  3D Arts & Animation  N-3MA24  3D Modeling and Design with 3DS Max   8 Weeks      
34  3D Arts & Animation  N-DAP25  Digital Art with Photoshop  8 Weeks      
35  Video & Film Technology  N-DVP21  Digital Film Production  1 Year      

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