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Useful Industry Articles

1. The number one tip for mixing drums I can give you is to compress, and to compress intelligently. For sharp, punchy kicks, put the attack time between 3-6ms and a short enough release that the compressor is able to return to full volume before the next hit. 2. If possible, it's always useful to have all the drums on…
In this short tutorial I want to get into Parallel Compression, which might sound hectic at first, but it’s actually quite an easy way to get your overall drums or even bass, guitars and vocals to sound larger than life. How it works is to create an Aux track (in Pro Tools or Logic, in Cubase you’ll need to create…
Whether you are recording vocals in your bedroom or in a professional recording studio, the concepts stay the same. The most important aspect that you would need to consider is your choices of microphone, if you are in the position to be able to experiment with different microphones, do so. The human voice is a very unique and dynamic instrument…
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