RECORDING SERIES - Recording Vocals

RECORDING SERIES - Recording Vocals

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Vocals can be very challenging to record. Taking all the aspects into account - having a good vocalist in front of a good microphone into a good pre amp, will get you about halfway there.

But you could still end up with vocals either having too much bass, too much sibilance, being too nasal, not having enough body, or not enough detail.

As it turns out the fix to all those problems is relatively easy – adjust the distance from the mic.

Seeing as how each singer sounds different and each song requires a unique performance it stands to reason that we should adjust our mic positions for each vocalist.

A good starting point is to place the microphone between 10 – 15 cm away from the vocalist. If the vocals are too thin you can move it a little closer - but then you might have too much sibilance – If the vocal is too muddy, move the mic further away.

For a sibilant vocal moving the mic’s capsule out of the direct path of the vocalist could solve that problem.

I often find that placing the microphone just a little higher than the vocalist’s mouth and aiming it down towards his/her sternum give a very balanced sound without any major sonic issues.

A vocalist’s natural instinct would be to lift their chin to sing into the microphone but you can fool them by placing the pop filter lower and ask them to sing into the pop filter.

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