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Getting A More Realistic Sounding Programmed Drum Kit

Getting A More Realistic Sounding Programmed Drum Kit

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Always remember that a real drummer only has 4 limbs with which he/she is able to play the drum kit. One foot for the kick drum, which controls the groove for the song, the other foot controlling the hi-hats, or the openness of the hi-hats. One hand for mainly hitting the hi-hats, and the other for mainly hitting the snare drum - obviously the drummer also uses his/her hands to hit the toms, cymbals and the other nice toys.  The main idea is to remember that a drummer can't play more than 4 objects  at the exact same moment.


Drummers aren't robots, and won't EVER hit the drums exactly at the same velocity. Even though the levels are relatively equal, it is impossible for every hit to sound exactly the same, so spend enough time playing around with velocities on all the different drum elements, making some hits louder
and others softer than the actual loudness you are looking for.


Regarding the statement that drummers aren't robots, real drummers won't play exactly on the grid or click, and have the tendency to be either slightly in front or behind the click. Although this might sound
problematic, it's this push and pull of the beat that actually gives it a very human sound element and feel. Move your drum hits around, for example a little behind the click for a verse to make the song feel like it's pulling a bit, and in front of the click for choruses to give it energy and drive.

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