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Audio Mixing & Mastering

N-AMM03: Audio Mixing & Mastering

N-AMM03: Audio Mixing & Mastering


Chris Lord-Alge, Serban Ghenea, Tchad Blake, Andrew Sheps, Tony Maserati, Manny Marroquin are recognized as some of the best mixing engineers in the world.
Their expert mixing abilities are highly respected in the global music industry, and many upcoming engineers learn by matching their own mixes to these excellent examples. What do these guys know that everyone else still struggle to figure out?

This popular Audio Mixing and Mastering Course guides you through the whole process fundamental to obtaining a balanced mix. Enroll for this short course and let your mixes progress from good to play-listed!


Existing knowledge and experience on any music DAW is required.

To enroll in the course, you are required to complete a prerequisite questionnaire and/or to submit a production portfolio to assess your current level of knowledge and ability in this regard.


   Existing Knowledge and experience on any music DAW
   Existing Music Production / Recording experience in a home or professional studio environment.
   English Language aptitude: speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.
   Basic Mathematical aptitude.


   A Passion for music.
   Diligence, punctuality and dedication
   An Inquisitive attitude


Students attend one class per week (Fridays 09.00 – 17.00), over a period of 8 weeks.

Classes consist of theoretical and hands-on practical sessions in studio where you will use and discuss some of your existing studio projects.

Additional studio- and practical time can be scheduled for production work. Since your lectures are hands-on practical based where theoretical concepts are demonstrated and practiced, it is compulsory to attend all lectures.



The prescribed course textbooks are not included in the course fee. All other course notes and material are included.


The course is presented (but not limited) on the latest version of "Pro Tools" Digital Audio Workstation Software.

In order to work remotely as well, it is recommended that students obtain their own licenses of the primary software platforms.


Everything you need to successfully complete the course is provided for on Campus during your sessions.

All enrolled students can book and use the Institution’s fully equipped studios and practice room to complete their practical projects.

If you want to gain more experience in music technology, excel at the software used in the course and be able to complete assessment tasks remotely, it is strongly recommended that you have access to your own DAW setup.

Registered students qualify for up to 50% student discount on software and hardware.


Mixing Overview
Session Preparation


Equalizer Parameters
Different EQ Types
Applying Equalization
Creative EQ Techniques
Classic Equalizer Emulations

WEEK: Three

Compressors & Limitors
Expanders and Gates
Compressor & Gate Parameters
Compressor Types: Solid State, Tube, FET, Optical
Classic Compressor Emulations

WEEK: Four

Parallel Compression
Side Chaining
Bus Compression

WEEK: Five

Introduction to Reverb & Delay
Reverb Types
Reverb Parameters
Delay Types
Delay Parameters
Designing Depth and Creating Width


Flanging / Phasing
Distortion / Saturation
Console and Tape Modulation
Harmonic Exciters
Sub Harmonic Enhancement
Sample based Drum Enhancement

WEEK: Seven

Static vs. Dynamic Mixing
Automation Modes
Automation Techniques
Shaping a Song Using Automation
Vocal Automation Techniques

WEEK: Eight

Comparative Listening
Corrective vs. Creative EQ
M/S Processing
Dynamic Processing (Multiband)
Dither & Exports

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