Registration Procedures


The complete course registration procedure can be done online or at the College. If you need any assistance with the registration process, our friendly College Registrar will help you with this at the Hatfield Campus.

Visit the Course information page and click on the application button to view the registration procedures for the particular course


Specialized and qualification courses require a more comprehensive registration process to capture the applicant’s details for study and certification purposes.


Each course's entry requirements are visible on the relevant course information page.

It is recommended that students enrolling at EMENDY Multimedia Institute have access to the following items for communication purposes:

  A functional personal (current) Email Address

  A personal smartphone and number with the option to load WhatsApp

  Internet Access



As part of your registration, we require certain documentation with your application. This may include student’s ID, payee's ID or Passport document, proof of income, debit order form, signed student contract, and latest results or Matric certificate.

We urge every new application to submit the required documents as specified for each course to finalize your registration. Incomplete registrations may lead to registration cancellation or that the student be placed on a waiting list for the next course intake.


After you satisfied the required entry requirements for one of the qualification courses you may contact our Registrar to request a Letter of Acceptance (The letter of acceptance will be conditional if you have yet to complete your matric) that you may use for a study loan or visa application. 


Once your registration is finalized (you have completed your registration, submitted all the required forms, and made the required payments towards your course) you may request proof of registration from the Institution. We cannot issue a student with proof of registration on any incomplete registration.


Course registration follows a strictly first-come-first-serve principle and we will not reserve any seats in a course without a finalized course registration. Should the course be filled at the time of your registration or your registration be incomplete - you may be put on a waiting list for the next course intake.

Each course has specific entry requirements that need to be met before a student can have access to the registration of the particular course.


As a private Institution, EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institution reserves the right of admission to its premises. All information received from any applicant and processed for educational purposes is kept private and confidential as set out in our Privacy Policy


The progression from one academic year to the next academic year depends on the completion of core modules of a course. Articulation from a course presented by another accredited institution into one of EMENDY's accredited courses is possible and depends on the content and level covered by the other institution. In such a case a prospective student may be required to present a portfolio of work as well as undergo some additional assessment.   


After registration, you will receive a list of prescribed material and textbooks, and where to acquire these resources. It is strongly advised that students get their own copy (new or used) of textbooks ASAP after registration to avoid delays before their first class starts.

Certain compulsory textbooks or manuals required as part of the course curriculum may be included in the course registration fee, and will be provided directly to students during the course. 


Course Payments: ASBA Bank

Bank Name:  ABSA Bank
Account Name:  EMENDY PTY (Ltd)
Account Type:  Cheque Account
Account Number:  405 366 8891
Branch Name:  Hatfield
Branch Code:  632005
Ref: (Expl: n-dmt02 : 223)

Course Payments: FNB Bank

Bank Name:  First National Bank
Account Name:  EMENDY PTY (Ltd)
Account Type:  Cheque Account
Account Number:  622 6633 7552
Branch Name:  Lynwood
Branch Code:  252045
Ref: (Expl: n-dmt02 : 223)

Studio Payments: ASBA Bank

Bank Name:  ABSA Bank
Account Name:  EMENDY Records
Account Type:  Cheque Account
Account Number:  407 685 5063
Branch Name:  Hatfield
Branch Code:  632005
Ref: (Expl: Q1123)

Any other questions on the registration process please contact us.

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