International Students

Welcome to our foreign friends! We cater for citizens from outside of South African as well, and know that you will enjoy the hospitable and cosmopolitan South African vibe!  

The following conditions apply to non-South African citizens who want to study at EMENDY Multimedia Institute:


The following documentation is required upon registration:

A valid study permit issued by your embassy.
ID Photos of Student
Proof of permanent residency or contact details of the landlord where you will be staying during your studies.
Copy of the student's Passport
Copy of Passport from your spouse, parent, guardian or payee
Our course registrar will assist in providing the necessary documentation needed for your application.

Need any assistance with your application - please contact us.


We require full course payment for a course or course year for all International Students. You may also register in advance and start paying towards your course in monthly installments as long as the course is paid in full before the starting dated of the course.

Should you have any queries or questions regarding any payment arrangements please contact us.  


It is very important that foreign students maintain open communication with their Embassies for the duration of their Studies. Please keep your embassy updated regarding your location and travel arrangements in South Africa.

Should you change any of your course registration details, please notify your Embassy immediately, in order to avoid problems with your student visa.

EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute reserves the right to contact and notify the relevant Embassy / authorities in case of absenteeism from study obligations, or any student misconduct.


Should you require assistance in finding local accommodation during your studies, please complete the Student Accommodation Request Form after registration.


The Gautrain railway runs from Oliver Tambo International Airport straight to Hatfield Station, which is a 10min walk from campus. Should you require alternative transport from / to the airport please contact us for arrangements.

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