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This Freelance Contract is entered into and made effective as of the date of submission by and between:

CUSTOMER who is LAUNCH YOUR STARTUP, with an office located at 1043 Pretorius Street, Hatfield, Pretoria Street, Pretoria, 0083 (“Customer”), and

THE FREELANCER, with an office located as indicated within this Contract (“Freelancer”).


  1. Launch Your Startup requires the services of Graphic Designing provided by the Freelancer; and
  2. The Freelancer has an interest in performing such services for Launch Your Startup; and
  3. The parties wish to set forth the terms and conditions upon which such services will be provided to Launch Your Startup;

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing, and the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Description of the Services

The following tasks will be needed per Startup Project.

01 Design a Company Logo - Landscape To Be used for website and print
02 Design a Company Logo - Portrait To be used for website and print
03 Design a Company Logo – Avatar / Icon To be use as stand-alone avatar for social media, web and print
04 Website Favicon Low resolution Favicon for website use
05 Social Media Banner - Facebook Needs to fit the standard frame and tested on mobile for layout (same brand theme)
06 Social Media Banner - Twitter Needs to fit the standard frame and tested on mobile for layout (same brand theme)
07 Social Media Banner – Google Plus Needs to fit the standard frame and tested on mobile for layout (same brand theme)
08 Social Media Banner - Linkedin Needs to fit the standard frame and tested on mobile for layout (same brand theme)
09 Social Media Banner - YouTube Needs to fit the standard frame and tested on mobile for layout (same brand theme)
10 Letterhead – Version 1 Modern letterhead to be used for business letters going out
11 Letterhead – Version 2 Standard more corporate type letterhead for internal use
12 Email Footer Design Email Footer with branded background, logo, contact details and disclaimer
13 Business Card Design Business card design front and back including logo, slogan & contact details
14 A5 Digital Flier Design Modern Digital A5 flyer with 5mm bleed for marketing purposes
15 Pull-Up Banner Design Modern pull-up banner design (850mm x 2030mm including 30mm bleed)
16 Visual Mockup - Website A Visual Mockup (Desktop | Tablet | Mobile) screenshot from final Website – PSD template provided
17 Visual Mockup - Stationery A Visual Mockup of final company stationery – Photoshop template will be provided
18 One Written Referral One sentence referral stating why people should use the company (highlight one USP)
19 Video Referral 10 – 20 second selfie video referral why people should use the company (highlight one USP)
20 Upload Artwork to Folders Upload all artwork to the relevant folders on Google Drive


LAUNCH YOUR STARTUP’s main USP is to provide the entire Startup Setup Process in less than 30 Days – hence why it is important that each Development Team member adhere to schedules and deadlines.

It is recommended that you submit your work and update the status of your task once you are finished and not wait for the deadline as indicated on the Startup Project Time Schedule. You will, however, need to submit your work no later than stipulated on the Startup Project Time Schedule.

Project Schedule

PandaTip: In this section, the milestones and when they will be achieved are provided. You may add customer actions to this schedule. If the customer does not meet the obligation or deliver feedback on time, the freelancer will have some recourse or leeway.

STARTUP Project Time Schedule

01 Pre Reg - Day 1 L-Y-S Receives Application
02 Pre Reg - Day 1 L-Y-S Contact the customer via Skype / telephonically to discuss the Project
03 Pre Reg - Day 1 L-Y-S Create Client Invoice – Email invoice for payment
03 Post Pay - Day 1 L-Y-S Receive and confirm payment
04 Post Pay - Day 1 L-Y-S Update invoice and email customer
05 Post Pay - Day 1 L-Y-S Create New Business Development Project
06 Post Pay - Day 1 L-Y-S Assign Project Development Team and notify the Team
07 Post Pay - Day 2 L-Y-S Create Support Tickets and assign Development Team to tickets
08 Post Pay - Day 2 Admin Send User Login Details to customer and include Instructions Sheet
09 Break – 5 Days Max Customer / Manager Complete and Submit Business Development Questionnaire / Manager to guide and remind
10 Break – 2 Days Max Customer / Manager Complete and Submit Required Documents / Manager to guide and remind
11 Dev - Day 1 – 3 Project Manager Analyze information and build first section of Business Profile
12 Dev - Day 4 – 5 Customer / Manager Project Manager to present first draught of Business Profile - Skype or telephonically. Customer to approve.
13 Dev - Day 6 Project Manager Send Business Profile to Development Team for development and brief via email / Notify via WhatsApp
14 Dev - Day 7 – 9 ALL / L-Y-S Development Team presents first draughts of work completed / L-Y-S presents recommendations to Project Manager
15 Dev - Day 10 Project Manager Provide feedback to team on changes and recommendations / Provide rest of project info
16 Dev - Day 15 ALL Present the work completed (should be at 60%). Graphics sent to Web Developer for Integration (Web / Social Media)
17 Dev - Day 20 ALL Written and Video Testimonials / Presentation of completed work / Celebration Day – ZOOM / WhatsApp
18 Dev - Day 21 Project Manager Provide run through with Customer for any changes and suggestions and additional feedback
19 Break - 2 Days Max Customer Customer to complete and submit Revision Form / Skype Call  / Manager takes notes and complies 
20 Dev - Day 22 Project Manager Skype or telehope call to discuss the requested changes / Manager takes notes
21 Dev - Day 23 Project Manager Email-updated revisions to Development Team and briefing of what needs to be changed and implemented
22 Dev – Day 26 ALL Present final work and finish off final adjustments
23 Dev – Day 27 L-Y-S / Manager Project Manager to give feedback and run through of the project / L-Y-S to approve
24 Dev – Day 28 ALL Make final changes based on L-Y-S suggestions and approvals
25 Dev – Day 29 ALL Finilize delivery
26 Dev – Day 30 ALL Deliver final product / Celebration on Skype / Project Manager's last communication with Customer
27 Dev – Day 31 L-Y-S Team Remuneration


The following rate will be paid to the Freelancer at the end of the project at successfull submission for the final work.

Level: R3,500 per project (New Graphic Designer with 1 – 9 projects completed and with a positive feedback rating)

Level: R4,000 per project (Graphic Designer with 10 – 19 projects completed and with a positive feedback rating)

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