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Our Virtual Campus Tour will give you an overview of EMENDY Multimedia Institute. From the studios, labs, and courses, to the campus culture that make this a unique place. 



Let the music come ALIVE

A career in music is much more than performance. It opens up a world of possibilities within the industry in a traditional context but mostly within the advanced digital world, we live in today. The more versatile you are within your skillset, the more opportunities you will have.

GAMING courses

Let my imagination come to LIFE

Worldwide, Game Developers are in high demand, commanding impressive salaries. Game development is an attractive career path for many, especially for those that enjoy gaming.

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Our reputation as a leading Multimedia Institute stems from
20 Years of investing in the future of creative minds



As EMENDY Multimedia Institute continues to monitor COVID-19 updates, our priority is to provide a healthy and safe environment for students to pursue their passion. Although we continue to offer our virtual tours, we have a dedicated Admissions Consultant who will guide you on your journey to become an #emendynite.