PTS110 :

Pro Tools Fundamentals II
Short Course

About the course

The Pro Tools Fundamentals II (PTS110) course goes deeper into the basic skills gained in the Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PTS101) course and introduces fundamental concepts and techniques.

Students will be able to build sessions designed for commercial purposes and improve the results of their recordings, editing and mixing techniques. The practical exercises enable students to set up sessions, import media, work with digital video, spot sound effects, use loop recording as well as MIDI Merge techniques. Skills gained include working with virtual instruments, warping with Elastic Audio, applying Real-Time Properties, creating clip loops, applying signal processing, using automation, and lastly use sub-mixes and track groups to simplify a final mix.

Together with Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PTS101), this course sets the foundation needed to prepare for the Avid Certified User: Pro Tools certification exam.

Course Details

Course Code: N-PTS101

Duration: 4 Days


It's more than a COURSE

The Music Production with Pro Tools course provides a detailed look at the Pro Tools Ultimate on top of the knowledge you learned in Pro Tools 101. It covers the concepts and skills needed to operate Pro tools 2020.

Course Starting Date

27 June 2022
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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1
You will optimize and configure current projects as well as add tracks as you work. Get the skills to edit and mix window display options as well as top use collaboration tools and use track list display options.
Lesson 2
Through understanding the Pro Tools Software capabilities you will be able to manage session data and media files. Get the skills to work with digital video, use the workspace browsers, use Soundbase as well as import files and session data. Lastly, you will understand how to create and group clips.
Lesson 3
Get the skills to record MIDI and audio. Set up the session, use recording selections, work with loop recording audio and midi as well as understand how to audition loop record takes. Lastly, get the skills to record MIDI using loop playback with MIDI merge.
Lesson 4
Understand Track Timebases, work with Virtual Instruments as well as MIDI-Compatible Tracks and Track. Use Auditioning and Playback techniques and edit MIDI Clips.
Lesson 5
Change an audio file's tempo or timing in real-time without altering the file's pitch through understanding the basics of Elastic Audio. Use warp sounds and tighten a rhythmic performance as well as exercise pitch changes. Lastly, you will understand how to improve the quality of Warped Audio.
Lesson 6
Edit and fine-tune vocal and instrumental performance using the Smart Tool to fade effectively. Get the skills to use MIDI Real-Time Properties that will enable you to make changes to the entire track, or on individual MIDI clip.
Lesson 7
Round off the skills you acquired with additional editing and media management such as Clip Looping, working with Loops, working with the Grid as well as using Layered Editing. You will get an overview of AudioSuite versus Insert Processing and how to organize clips and export selections.

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