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Making soundtracks has never been easier.

Get ready to create your very own track in three hours or less! This course is a step-by-step guide that’ll show you exactly how to create a music track using the industry standard Digital Audio Workstation – Pro Tools. We’ll cover everything from the installation of software to your completed track.


Course Code: MCT25

Duration: 3 – 4 hour


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Course Curriculum

Section 1
Understand how to install and setup your first session in Protools before you start building your instrumental. We used different methods to create a functional instrumental. Next you will get a breakdown of these methods so that you can build your own awesome instrumental from scratch. Each method mentioned will have a video reference to it, so that you can also be at liberty to observe a practical example of how to implement the different techniques.
Section 2
Using Audio loops to build an instrumental is a process of taking an already existing idea (in a form of a short audio clip) and expanding on it. Individuals can use audio loops to kick up an idea from scratch, to supplement certain parts of an already existing instrumental like adding variations between the different sections, or even build a new instrumental using only just the loops. Whichever way you decide to use audio loops, being able to manipulate them to work for you is quite an important skill set to have as a Producer.
Section 3
Being able to sequence in MIDI notes into your production opens up the creative pool further. With this method you have so much control over what you add into your instrumental in the context of sound, rhythm and overall aesthetics. The reference videos will give you a good practical direction on how to select sound from the plugins and manipulate the selected sound. These are good producing techniques to implement because they can set you apart from other producers out there, as every popular musician would say : “Find Your Own Unique Sound.”
Section 4
In our days automation is implemented in almost every production process from beat-making to mixing the song. In the videos we introduce this phenomenon close to the end of the video series, as it is a good tool to implement once the production has been properly laid out. We use it to finalise the instrumental, improving transitions between the different sections of the song, to create movement for individual instruments and increase the dynamics of the instrumental which keeps it exciting from one section to another.
Section 5
At this point you have completed your instrumental and are satisfied with how it sounds. This process is called Bounce on Pro Tools Ultimate, and basically allows one to create a Stereo Audio File of the instrumental they have created. So after the export is created, you can now take your instrumental, load it into a flash drive and play it for your friends and family, or maybe an artist you may know.

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