About the course

Build an Infinite Runner Game. Dive into game development using Unity game engine. You will learn the powerful features that Unity provides and be able to apply all the skills gained from this course into your own projects and games. Build a fully featured infinite runner game from zero and prepare it for publishing at Play Store.


Course Code: O-GCG26

Duration: 3 – 4 Hours


Interest in game development and design.

It's more than a course

Learn Unity Game Engine by Building a Fully Featured Infinite Runner Game

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Course Content

Section 1
The videos and content in this course guides you to create your very first game. First, you will be guided to download and install Unity and your first project.
Section 2
The Project Window at the bottom of the screen is where all the assets for the entire game are saved. You may notice that everything except your Project Window is empty. You will now be guided to add some objects into our scene. Prefabs are pre-fabricated or pre-made game assets with custom settings that can be reused. To save you time, we have already added some key assets to help you get your game up and running.
Section 3
We have some objects placed in your scene, but to turn this into a game, we need to give them something to do. We’re going to make some platforms for this ball to roll and jump onto. Let’s start by creating the spawn point for the platforms.
Section 4
Now that we have the point where your platform will spawn, we need to add the platform. You will be guided on lining things up in your Scene View.
Section 5
After you have a good view of the Player ball and the Ground platform in the Scene View, you can move the objects around. Let’s test our game to see how it looks so far!
Section 6
We now need to make the camera follow the ball (or else we might steer it out of view!) Now we need to add a jump function so we can control the ball. This will require a bit of coding. If you’re not familiar with coding, just follow along.
Section 7
We have set that if the player is pressing the spacebar, the computer must apply the parameters that make the ball jump. But we still need to set up the parameters for the jump! We’ll change the jump height soon, but first we need to make some spawning platforms so that we have room to test our jumps. Time to set up randomly generated platforms!
Section 8
Now that we have some more room to test, let’s adjust the jump height and fix our controls. Let’s make sure that we can keep track of the score. We need to tell the scripts where to save and publish the score information.
Section 9
Lastly, before we have a working game, we need to have a way to reset once we fall the platforms. Finally, the game is now playable! Give it a try and see how far you can get.

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