G3S12 :

3D Character Creation in Blender
Short Course

About the course

From the creation of 3D films and videogames, the popularity of 3D characters has grown immensely. From mascots for product brands to characters in VR chat, there is always a demand for a new 3D character. In this short course you will be given important insights to create interesting and visually appealing 3D characters for an artistic portfolio.


Course Code: N-G3S12

Duration: 4 Weeks


Interest in 3D Character Creation and basic knowledge of Blender

It's more than a course

The course includes important blender skills required by the industry, unique portfolio building and real world experience
while studying.

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Course Content

Week 1
In the first week you dive straight in and learn how to navigate blender’s massive interface. You will start getting comfortable with the tools you’ll need to block out the concept of your character and more importantly the objects that make your character unique.
Week 2
In week two we get into the nitty gritty of the character. Here you’ll learn how to create detailed object models and clothing. You will completely sculpt out your character and after this week, you should have a complete bust of your character created.
Week 3
Week three is all about bringing life to your character. You learn the fundamentals of color theory and how to apply colors to your character. Lastly, we focus on different types of textures and how you can use them to bring personality to your character.
Week 4
Finally, we add all the finishing touches to make your character stand out. We set up lighting, fog, and other effects to highlight the best parts of your character. We’ll give the character a great pose and learn how to position the camera to get the most out of your render. You’ll have a 3D model as well as awesome pictures of your character for your portfolio.

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Career Opportunities

No matter where you are or how big you want to go, this course provides you with the opportunity to work with international clients worldwide,  from the comfort of your home.


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