Improve your String Writing by Wikus van der Walt

While fiercely independent from a young age, Lorenz Penkler, EMENDY’s Academic Director, stands firm in recognizing the power of learning in life and not living with regrets. “We cannot change the past, but should learn from what has been, to better face what is to come”

EMENDY Brand Evolution

It all started in 2001 with a dream in a small apartment situated in Hatfield, South Africa.  At only 26 yrs Martin Willemse, founder of EMENDY Multimedia Institute, moved to Hatfield with the hope of breaking into the music industry as a musician. He turned his flat into a recording studio using makeshift items to…

The 2021 Academic Year

Covid mask (Medium)

Your Future. Our Priority Full-time courses for the 2021 academic year will begin on 2 March 2021 and short courses will commence on 6 February 2021. Please note that the 2021 academic calendar is subject to change, depending on the extent of COVID-19. “At EMENDY Multimedia Institute we believe in being prepared and therefore have multiple contingency…