A career in music is much more than performance. It opens up a world of possibilities within the industry in a traditional context but mostly within the advanced digital world, we live in today. The more versatile you are within your skillset, the more opportunities you will have.



(R93k - R750k South Africa)
($13k - $359k International)
Music Production is the process of managing and overseeing the recording and production of a music track. From music composition, arrangement, tracking to audio mixing and mastering.
Suggested Course

Artist Manager

(R200k - R778k South Africa)
($17k - $888k International)
An artist manager is the professional representative and advisor for a musician or band that exists to create opportunities, connect, and grow a musician's career.
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(R285k - R482k South Africa)
($27k - $175k International)
Artist and Repertoire Manager, is responsible for deciding whether an up-and-coming Musician has the potential to succeed in the music industry and make money for the company.
Suggested Course


(R76k - R306k South Africa)
($12k - $53k International)
Studio Engineers, also referred to as recording or audio engineers, use equipment to record, synchronize, mix, and reproduce music, voices, or sound effects. An audio engineer ensures that the sound is of high quality.
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(R60k - R412k South Africa)
($22k - $86k International)
The live sound engineer works with live music such as concerts and churches. It is the engineer’s responsibility to ensure the clarity and quality of the music. Sound engineers also mix, reproduce and manipulate the equalization and electronic effects of sound.
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(R305k - R527k South Africa)
($30k - $73k International)
The Studio Manager oversees and manages the day to day operations of business in a recording studio. The manager may be the owner or a co-owner of the company, or an employee hired specifically for the job.
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(R190k - R319k South Africa)
($40k - $68k International)
A sound designer, also known as sound/special effects editors, finds and creates recorded or live audio effects to be used by artists, composers, production and multimedia companies. These designers work with sound directors and sound editors.
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(R269k - R454k South Africa)
($57k - $97k International)
Audio mixing is the process of combining multiple audio layers to create a final track. Mastering is the post-production process to give music a balanced, cohesive, uniform, professional, and ready for commercial release sound.
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(R172k - R504k South Africa)
($56k - $116k International)
Acoustic consultants provide audio, video, and acoustic design services for concert halls, auditoriums, churches, conference rooms, theatres, cinemas, studios, sporting arenas, hotels and office spaces.
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Worldwide, Game Developers are in high demand, commanding impressive salaries. Game development is an attractive career path for many, especially for those that enjoy gaming.

Game Designer

Game Designers come up with the concepts that eventually become video games.
Suggested Course

Software Developer and Game Programmer

As a software developer and computer programmer, you’ll turn the game designer’s vision into a playable and controllable game.
Suggested Course

Audio Video Game Engineer

if you’re passionate about audio and creating the perfect ambience, becoming an audio engineer could be the right gaming career for you.
Suggested Course

Games Animator

Do you have the skills to create memorable characters that will visually appeal to players?
Suggested Course

Game Play Tester

Now we come to playing the games! Game testers work their way around the game to make sure it functions correctly.
Suggested Course

Professional Gamer

Aha, the Promised Land! Yes, you could make a living out of playing video games.
Suggested Course

Game Engineer

Develop, create, and modify general computer applications software or specialized utility programs.
Suggested Course

Game Script Writer

Are you good with words, and always join the game narrator when you are being guided through a game? Then this career path might be the perfect fit.
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Unity Developer (3D Games Developer)

A Unity Developer is a software developer experienced with the Unity platform.
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Please Note: Prospective salary brackets for each career opportunity listed on this page has been gathered from reputable websites that provide real industry data such as