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About the course

Take your music from good to play-listed by learning from industry specialists, learn the best practices for mixing and mastering in Pro tools.

This program is ideal if you want to mix and master your own productions or want to specialize in an audio career. Go beyond the basic concepts to Creative EQ Techniques, Advanced Dynamics, Parallel Compression, Mastering Chains and more.

By the end of this course, you’ll have acquired a full understanding and practical know-how of the entire mixing and mastering process.

COurse details

Course Code: N-AMM03

Duration: 8 Weeks


It's more than a course

Designed for engineers, producers, and hobbyists ready to take their music to the next level.

Course Starting Date

6 August 2022
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Course Content

Week 1
Understand what makes a good mix great and get the skills to prepare your session. In week one you will be able to pan audio to make sound and instruments appear to come from different angles. You will also get the skills to effectively balance the track to hear the sound and instruments clearly.
Week 2
Understand the best approaches and techniques to EQ (equalization) to get the balance of different frequency components in an audio signal. An equalizer will enable you to turn up or turn down individual frequencies and individual elements of sound.
Week 3
Get the skills to alter the dynamic range of an audio source to make it easier to place in the overall mix through dynamics processing, Understand how to use compressors limiters, expanders and gates.
Week 4
Get the skills to use parallel compression on drums to help keep all the dynamics of the original material while adding volume, depth and power to the sound. You will be able to do this without crushing dynamics or adding too much make up that will overdrive the mix bus.
Week 5
Reverb and delay can be used to complement each other when done right. Get the skills to give tracks a fuller and more natural sound to them.
Week 6
Mixing is about balancing sounds correctly and giving them motion, texture and cohesion. Achieving those goals isn’t always straightforward. Get the skills to effectively use Modulation and Harmonics, Flanging / Phasing and Distortion / Saturation.
Week 7
Mix automation is crucial for getting your mix release-ready. Learn how to automate with different techniques. Get the skills to lay the foundation for your Dynamic Mix from starting with your static mix.
Week 8
Mastering is a crucial part of music production. It's your last chance to make sure the song sounds as good as it possibly can. Understand mastering chain, techniques, and the best delivery formats. Get the skills to master tracks that sounds professional and stand out on Spotify, YouTube and other channels.

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