A Danger for the Gullible – Myburgh Nel

Myburgh Nel

Nolan Bushnell once said that video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow. Perhaps this is why Myburgh Nel, EMENDY’s Game Development and Design lecturer, passionately inspires others within this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Myburgh’s mother founded a school, Diakomeo, that educated 50 students, including Myburgh himself. With a strong family foundation and furry friends, Myburgh pursued his passion for gaming after high school by upskilling himself in the actual creation thereof. 

During his Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation and Film Arts, he was awarded the Golden Pangolin for the Best Character Animation. Today, Myburgh follows in his mother’s footsteps by sharing his passion with other game development and design enthusiasts. “I like how open and personal the experience at EMENDY is.”

Described by his friends as ‘a danger for the gullible’, he knows the importance of living without any regrets and humor. “I wouldn’t change anything because it shaped who I am today.” Of course, Myburgh would not be able to go without WIFI either; how else would he enjoy his favourite game, namely ‘Outer Wilds” & “Satisfactory.’

His team often describes him as one with a good heart, and this can be seen in his response when asked what the vision for his future looks like “A future where people would be able to have the time to genuinely connect with the ones that they love regardless of distance, physical health or wealth.”.

Happy Birthday, Myburgh!