Lorenz Penkler | Life itself is the great teacher

While fiercely independent from a young age, Lorenz Penkler, EMENDY’s Academic Director, stands firm in recognizing the power of learning in life and not living with regrets. “We cannot change the past, but should learn from what has been, to better face what is to come”

Born in South Africa and growing up in France, Lorenz seized the opportunity to explore international education with the completion of his Honours degree in Music Technology at the University of Hull in the UK.

With an undying passion for music, creative expression and analytic mindset combined with his love for our country, Lorenz knew he wanted to contribute to the musical landscape within South Africa.

Since 2010, Lorenz has utilized his unwavering sense of ethics and morals instilled by his parents to influence the academic future of creative individuals.

“The people is what I most enjoy about working at EMENDY. I have the privilege of working with an exceptional group of individuals.”

Happy Birthday, Lorenz.